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What Is A Truck Tool Box?

A truck tool box is a storage box specially designed to fit in a truck. If you need an easy, convenient way to transport your tools, truck tool boxes are a welcome alternative to trailers.  Styles of truck tool boxes include side truck box, cross bed truck box (also known as saddle truck box), and a sliding truck tool box. Each truck tool box style is designed for different purposes and uses, depending on what the user needs and prefers.

How To Choose A Truck Tool Box

The utilitarian nature of pickup trucks makes them highly desirable vehicles for people who work with tools or machinery. You can enhance your trusty truck further by adding truck accessories, especially those that solve potential problems such as lack of storage. One of the best and most reliable solutions is the truck tool box, something which many pickup truck owners consider to be essential. This is a good investment that allows you to store tools and other items that are required for tradesmen and contractors.

One good reason to buy a good toolbox built for pickup trucks is to secure your tools and other equipment. This is an additional space in the back of your truck dedicated to one purpose; protecting anything you put inside. These boxes are sturdy, and even though they are generally large, they still leave plenty of room on the truck bed. The following information will help you to choose the right type for your truck.

What Makes Each One Different?

Like the variety of pickup trucks on the market, toolboxes also come in different designs. The finish, material and the color will also factor into your buying decision. Some buyers prefer one type of lid configuration over others. Open up a few different types and you will see differences there as well. The size and number of shelves and trays vary, so some types will undoubtedly be more suitable for some types of equipment. The main material options available are:

  • Hard Plastic: This is one of the less expensive options, but these boxes are still known for their durability and ability to withstand weathering. They generally stand up to most weather conditions and they’re fairly inexpensive to replace if they do happen to fall apart.
  • Stainless Steel: This is costly, but it is usually worth the expense because it lasts longer than plastic boxes and resists corrosion. The biggest downfall for the stainless steel truck bed toolbox is that it is pretty heavy.
  • Aluminum: This is usually the most popular choice due to its cost, strength, and corrosion resistance. It is also lighter than steel, making it easier to move when necessary and less of a strain on the truck. A lighter toolbox means you can effectively carry more equipment, more tools, and more supplies for the jobsite.

Toolbox Designs

Knowledge of different toolbox styles is always helpful in making the right buying decisions. The design style may be nearly as important as the material it’s made from. You may prefer a side mounted tool box where others prefer a cross bed tool box or even a sliding tool box. The style determines the way the boxes are mounted. Take a look at these common types of truck bed toolboxes before you make your final decision.

  • Weather Guard Lo-Side Truck BoxSide Tool box: This box is attached to the side rail and usually does not reach the floor, providing room underneath to haul long boards or other items that require the full length of the truck bed. The design provides easy access to your tools and equipment while you’re standing beside the pickup.
  • Hitch Toolbox: This type works with trucks that have trailer posts, and it is more portable than other types. The hitch mounted toolbox allows you to use your entire truck bed to haul other equipment, materials, and supplies. The biggest drawback to this type of toolbox is that you can’t really haul a trailer with it because it does use the hitch.
  • Weather Guard Saddle Truck BoxCross Bed Tool box: This toolbox is also referred to as a saddle box. It is positioned behind the cab, and is supported on the sides of the truck, leaving space below for additional storage for other necessary items. Saddle toolboxes are as wide as most truck beds and latch into place securely.
  • Tailgate Toolbox: This is a cool little attachment to the tailgate that provides easy access to the toolbox’s contents.
  • Weather Guard Sliding Truck Tool BoxSliding Tool box: The ability to easily move this box along sliding rails gives you more control over the use of your truck bed. Slide the toolbox forward to make more space in the back or slide it to the back to more effectively secure large items in the truck bed.

Many tradesmen, contractors, handymen, and other people who need truck bed tool boxes choose a tool chest that mounts into the truck bed so that they can also haul a trailer as needed. Before you go toolbox hunting, make sure you know how much your truck can carry. You never want to overload the truck by installing a very heavy toolbox, loading it down with heavy tools, and then attaching it to a trailer to haul even more heavy equipment. Overloading your truck past its tow capacity and payload is very hard on the engine and transmission, and can cause your truck to be ready for the junkyard more quickly than you’d prefer.

Choosing the right tool box will first be influenced by the amount of equipment you need to store. After you consider the different sizes, you should take into account factors like the lid design. Do you want single lids, double or gull style lids? Will installation require creating holes in the truck? This is something that some people might prefer not to do because they worry that it will cause rust or other problems with the truck. Take a look at the type of lock to be sure that thieves will not have easy access to your possessions. Most importantly, when closed, the lid should seal properly to prevent water from reach your tools when it rains.


  • Elisabeth Southgate

    August 22, 2019 at 10:01 am

    I like that you elaborated on the different types of toolbox designs. My husband recently got a truck and is thinking of getting a storage box for it. I like how you mentioned the design of a side toolbox give you quick access to your tools when you are at the side of your truck.

  • Eli Richardson

    October 16, 2019 at 10:30 am

    I liked how you said that aluminum tool boxes are popular due to their low cost and corrosion resistance. My uncle wants to get a truck toolbox to store his equipment. If he gets an aluminum box, I’ll suggest he buys some aluminum cleaning products to maintain it.


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