Professional using a Metabo Reciprocating Saw to cut through a pipe.

Get a Powerful Cut with 3 New Metabo Reciprocating Saws

Metabo, known as a trusted metalworking and industrial tool brand, expands their line of cordless tools. The PowerMaxx SSE 12 BL Compact, SSE 18 LTX BL, and SSE 18 LTX BL Compact Saws not only provide power and productivity but also eliminate cords and jobsite hazards. The three new Metabo Reciprocating Saws are compatible with the current line.

Three Metabo Reciprocating Saws

“The three-new reciprocating use Metabo’s brushless motor technology to produce powerful cutting capacity as well as long tool life and long run times. One feature of the saws is an adjustable shoe and a saw blade that is rotatable by 180° for working in confined spaces. The adjustable shoe allows users to set the cutting depth limit quickly and easily; this is especially useful when cutting into a wall to avoid cutting pipes and wires that lay behind it. Metabo’s “compact” reciprocating saws are the first to have this feature.”

-Terry Tuerk, Metabo Senior Product Manager

New Reciprocating Saws Features

The Saws feature brushless motors for increased power and unique saw blades or T-shank blades for versatility on the job. Additional features include effortless blade change with the integrated Quick-change system, illuminated cutting areas with the LED work lights, and an ergonomic design to decrease fatigue.

18V SSE 18 LTX

Metabo 18V SSE 18 LXT Saw

With versatility and powerful sawing performance, the 18V SSE 18 LTX Saw is known as the “powerful one” of the collection. Users get optimum handling with features that professionals require.

Part Number:602267850
Strokes per Minute:0-2,700
Saw Blade Stroke:1.25"
Weight (tool only):5.4 lbs

18V SSE 18 LTX Compact

18V SSE 18 LXT Compact Saw

It is no surprise that the “Light & Compact” saw in the collection is ideal for overhead work and tight spaces. The 18V SSE 18 LXT Compact Saw is a handy saw with adjustable features to get the job done.

Part Number:602366840
Strokes per Minute:0-3,000
Saw Blade Stroke:.625"
Weight (tool only):3 lbs

12V PowerMaxx SSE 12 BL Compact

12V PowerMaxx Saw

The 12V PowerMaxx SSE 12 BL Compact Saw is known as the “Light & Powerful” saw of the collection. The lightweight saw can perform in even the most difficult to reach work areas.

Part Number:602322890
Strokes per Minute:3,000
Saw Blade Stroke:.625"
Weight (tool only):3 lbs

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