Makita Released Newest ConnectX Portable Backpack Power Supply

Makita ConnectX is a gas-replacement solution with commercial power equipment designed to be used with the ConnectX Backpack Power Supply. Makita boasts unmatched LXT compatibility with two Portable Backpack Power Supply models, PDC01 and PDC1200A01. Both have four terminals and hold up to four 18V LXT batteries to use directly with ConnectX power equipment. You can also pick up the adapters for use with LXT XGT tools and power equipment.

Recently, Makita released the ConnectX Backpack Power Supply(PDC1200A01) which can connect to a ConnectX commercial lawn mower, string trimmer, or blower for top performance and all-day work. It accelerates the transition to battery power with the Backpack Power Supply, which packs a 1200Wh battery for all-day performance without gas or cords. ConnectX offers versatility with the ability to connect not only to ConnectX products but also to XGT and LXT tools and equipment when used with an adaptor.

There are two ways to connect: direct attachment and corded adapter. Direct attachment allows the Backpack Power Supply to connect directly to ConnectX power equipment. For mowing, the battery can be removed from the backpack and attached to the ConnectX lawn mover for up to three hours of continuous mowing. The ConnectX string trimmer and blower offer direct connection via an on-board cable.

If you’re running select LXT or XGT power equipment, you can still connect with ConnectX. Grab the adapter and quickly connect the Backpack Power Supply to the 40V max XGT and 36V mowers, trimmers, blowers, and more for maximum performance time. For hardscape and concrete contractors, ConnectX delivers extended run times for rotary hammers, demolition hammers, and more.

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