Many power tools layered on top of each other.

10 Essential Power Tools for Beginners

Power tools are great for helping you with home improvement.

Power tools offer a significant advantage over their hand-powered counterparts, being more efficient with better results, saving you time.

10 essential power tools for beginnersinfographic

Power Drill

Power drills are used to drill holes into surfaces and drive in screws or other fasteners. They can be used for a variety of applications with many different attachments


Jigsaws are great for cutting shapes and curves in wood. 

Circular Saw

Circular saws are great for cutting a vast amount of materials like wood, metals, and cement. Their most common use is to make nice straight lines.

Rotary Tool

Rotary tools are very versatile with a fast motor tip for grinding, honing, sanding, and polishing materials. Rotary tools can be used with many different attachments depending on your tasks.

Oscillating Multi-tool

Oscillating multi-tools are used for a variety of applications that accepts many different interchangeable blades that are used to sand, cut, grind, polish, and scrape.

Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders are great for smoothing out flat surfaces like metal or wood. They are also useful for removing paint or rust.


Worklights are great when you need to illuminate your work area.


Vacuums are used to clean up your work area and prevent leftover debris from building up.

Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are an excellent handheld power tool. Used for cutting, grinding, finishing, and polishing materials.

Impact Driver

Impact drivers are commonly used for driving in a large number of fasteners, screws, and bolts very quickly.

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