The new DeWalt Wet Tile Saw D3600

Announcing the New DEWALT Wet Tile Saw (D36000)

Tile setters, remodelers, and landscapers are provided a new jobsite solution with the announcement of the 10-in High Capacity DEWALT Wet Tile Saw. The lightweight Wet Saw accurately cuts small and large format tiles. Because the Saw weighs just 91 lbs, users gain the advantage of portability for all applications. For increased durability, the aluminum framing and stainless-steel rails can withstand the harshest environments.

10-in High Capacity Wet Tile Saw Features

Using a Wet Tile Saw indoors

With multiple features, the Tile Saw provides the best user experience. The Saw offers both an 18″ cutting clearance to the left of the blade and an 8-1/2″ cross-cut capacity before the column. The rubber-matted cutting cart allows accuracy to within 1/32″ over a 30-in rip cut. With an effective water containment, users gain the ability to set up even in indoor/finished spaces. The included nesting pans provide not only accessory storage underneath the pan but also convenient carrying.

The 33′ Laser Square (DW0802) is integrated with three mounting pins, allowing the Square to achieve a 90-degree angle with two red beams. Due to the IP54 debris/water resistance rating and the aluminum base, the durable laser is useful in a wide range of applications.

DeWalt Laser Square

Comparative Specs

While the DeWalt High Capacity Wet Tile Saw (D36000) and the 10″ Wet Tile Saw (D24000) perform similar tasks, they differ in rip capacity and diagonal cuts. Compare the two models to find the best DEWALT Wet Tile Saw for your next job.

Wet Tile Saw (D36000)

DeWalt Wet Tile Saw
Ripping Capacity:37"
Diagonal Cuts:24"
Blade Diameter:10"
Depth of Cut:3-3/8"
Weight:91 lbs
Warranty:three-year limited, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee
D3600 vs D2400

Wet Tile Saw (D24000)

Dewalt D2400
Ripping Capacity:24"
Diagonal Cuts:18"
Blade Diameter:10"
Depth of Cut:3-1/8"
Weight:69 lbs
Warranty:three-year limited, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts

Achieve professional cuts with the latest Wet Tile Saw. Regardless of what model is the right fit for you, users can cut with the confidence knowing that they’re receiving the best experience with the Guaranteed Tough Saw. Find the DEWALT Wet Tile Saw at an Acme Tools near you or visit our online store.

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