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Prepare for the Storm

How to Prepare for a Summer Storm

Summer weather threats vary depending on where you live, but they all share one characteristic: they can happen anytime. Creating an emergency preparedness plan for your family helps keep everyone safe during a crisis and gets your household back to normal quickly after the storm passes. Learn the Risks and Prepare for all Situations The…

Red and Yellow golf balls that have been drilled to make a ladder golf game.

How to Make a Family-Friendly Ladder Golf Game

Ladder golf is a popular and friendly backyard game that’s a hoot to play. You just toss two balls held together by a rope and try to get them to stay on the ladder. (More detailed rules are at the end.) Once you have the materials, you can make your own game in less than an…

Bright Future in Smart Home Technology

Bright Future For Smart Home Technology

A new survey conducted by August Home and Comcast’s Xfinity Home shows significant growth in the interest in smart security and smart home technology. The report states that nearly 18% of respondents would like to purchase a new smart home product in the next 12 months, including 56% of those who already have installed at…

7 Factors to Consider for Properly Sizing an HVAC System

How to Choose the Right Size HVAC System

Choosing a heating and cooling system isn’t as straightforward as going with an option that will cool a specific size home. Many other important factors must be taken into consideration to properly match a home or small office to an effective HVAC system. You need the right tools and a good understanding of why a…

Potential Pitfalls Facing the Electrical System in Older Homes

Electrical System Issues in Older Homes

Electrical work has come a long way throughout the years with advancements in Electrical Systems and Electrical Tools. A well-designed, modern electrical system is pre-planned, well-contained, and attached to an electrical panel that is designed to properly handle the current for each area of the home. Older electrical systems do not have the safeguards that…

Ridgid Inspection Camera

How To Choose A Ridgid Inspection Camera

Inspection cameras are useful tools in several industries including construction, maintenance and plumbing. They are extremely versatile and allow you to see in small spaces, such as a pipe or behind the wall where a test or measurement tool won’t suffice, where you wouldn’t normally be able to see without the assistance of technology. These…