Bosch ReVolt CORE18V Lithium-Ion Battery Review

Power your equipment up to the next level with the REVOLT CORE18V™ lithium-ion battery from Bosch. This Bosch 18V battery brings top-tier power and performance to your existing tool collection.


The Revolt system provides extended run time compared to Bosch’s previous of batteries and is able to last up to 20 percent longer than competitors’ 6 Amp-hour power units. This Bosch drill battery is capable of running in every single Bosch 18V tool, making it useful for scores of applications, from cutting to drilling, shearing, planing and more.

Impressive Performance

While other batteries may have a higher amp-hour rating, this model is capable of discharging its entire reserves, which gives you a longer charge than with comparable models. The Bosch Revolt Core18V lithium-ion battery features CoolPack™ 2.0, a design that prevents it from overheating by shunting heat away from the tool. Its charging unit can deliver power at a rate of 1 Amp-hour every eight minutes to get it back to top shape in just 48 minutes so you spend less time waiting and more time working. This Bosch replacement battery can also last for up to 135 percent more charging cycles than other units to give you a vastly extended service life.

Small Size, Big Power

Despite its increased power, the whole unit weighs just 1.8 pounds and is actually more compact than previous generations so you can work in tighter spaces and develop less strain over extended periods. This is thanks to its lighter and more durable Flexible Printed Circuit Boards. The Bosch 18V battery is rugged enough to stand up to heavy-duty conditions, including temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to get in on this new system today, as Bosch is optimizing their upcoming tool models to take full advantage of the Revolt Core18V battery’s enhanced power.

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