A worker uses a Festool sander with a Festool dust extractor

Festool Dust Management Solutions Buying Guide

Festool is known throughout the industry for its commitment to quality. That commitment extends to ensuring workers finish the job with the best quality possible. Their dust control system makes it easy to eliminate particulates not only when you’ve completed the job but as you work.


Festool CT 36 HEPA Dust Extractor

Most Festool vacuums include HEPA filters, certified to reduce 99.97% or more particulates that pass through it. The dust prevention keeps allergens from building up so you can work without sneezing, watery eyes, and blurred vision, and your clients also get to reduce the results of your handiwork. They’re located at the top for easy and fast replacement. These filters get some additional backup in the form of powerful motors. Each of the vacuums in the Festool dust management line has motors that suck at least 130 cubic feet of air per minute. This vastly reduces the time you’d typically spend cleaning up.

Vacuums of this type are ideal for wet and dry messes. Thanks to their water level sensor, they shut off automatically when they’re complete to prevent motor damage. When yours is full, empty it quickly and return to your job. The vacuums come in various sizes, so you can bring the one that’s big enough to hold messes the size your work will likely create without taking along a giant machine for greater space efficiency.


Festool RTS 400 REQ Orbital Sander

Specific Festool tools, such as saws, sanders, and others, have built-in ports to plug in your extractor. You can set them in sync with the tool to activate as soon as you start working. The hose ports are designed to hook up to compatible tools without fuss or adjustment. Each activation saves a few seconds, adding up to minutes per day and even hours per job.

Mobile extractors have flat tops with the SysDock feature. This allows you to latch on your Systainer or SysPort storage boxes and convert your vacuum into a tool cart for added versatility. You can stack the boxes two or more units high to take along everything you need. 

Onboard cord and accessory storage allow you to keep everything in one place for easy access. These dust prevention vacuums all have anti-static hoses, which keep particulates from settling on them. Various included and optional accessories, such as extension wands, suction brushes, crevice tools, floor nozzles, and more, help you reach tight spaces and get every piece of debris. Grab polypropylene accessories around finished surfaces to avoid scuffing or gouging the floors or walls.


Festool Suction Hose

These vacuums have large wheels designed to roll right over obstacles. A rubber-like coating provides scuff protection, so you can bring them onto a site at any stage of construction. The top handle makes it easy to pick up or push the vacuum wherever you want it to go with just one hand. You can lock the wheels to keep it from rolling off when you’re busy on another part of your project.

 Variable suction settings let you work at the lowest possible power level while still picking up the dust you generate. Beyond saving power, this feature also reduces noise, which helps to protect your hearing from unnecessary strain. It’s ideal for use in areas where homeowner associations or local regulations limit work-related noise.

Ergonomic handles make the vacuums easy and comfortable to carry and push. Optional extension handles make it easy to move without having to bend down. The wands, hoses, and nozzles are easy to grip, so you can work for extended periods without developing strain. While the vacuums operate with standard disposable bags, they come with varying degrees of durability, so you can pick up ones that last longer if needed.

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