Occidental Leather Tool Belt

How to Size Your Occidental Leather Tool Belt

How To Choose A Tool Belt Size

If you are considering buying your first Occidental Leather Tool Belt System or replacing an old friend that has been with you for years you may need to resize the tool belt. Here is how it can easily be done.

Diagram showing tool belt measuring size

Place your existing tool belt in a straight line and measure from the end of the buckle to the most commonly used hole. Select the belt size (by midpoint) that is closest to your measurement. If you do not currently have a tool belt to measure, you can get an approximate tool belt size by adding 4” to your pant waist size.

Midpoint Measurement Approx Pant Waist Tool Belt Size
34″ 29″ to 32″ Small
37″ 33″ to 35″ Medium
41″ 36″ to 39″ Large
45″ 40″ to 44″ X-Large
49″ 45″ to 49″ XX-Large
53″ 50″ to 54″ XXX-Large*

*XXX-Large only available in 5035 Series Tools Belts

Tool Belt Size Considerations


The 5035 all leather belt series will stretch ½” to ¾” during the break in period and the 8003 leather/nylon belt will stretch ¼” to ½”.

Additional Accessories

If you use Occidental Leather 9008 Hip Buddies, 5005 Belt Liner w/Sheepskin, or 5006 Hip Pads w/Sheepskin you will need to add 1” to 2” to the belt length you need.

Heavy Winter Clothing

In many areas of the country customers wear coveralls in the winter when work requires them to be outside. This could add several inches to the belt size you may need. In this case, purchasing a second “Winter Belt” may be a good option.

In any case thank you in advance for buying a handmade USA product.


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