Milwaukee cordless press tool joining copper pipe

Advantages of Using a Press Tool

Pressing pipe is pretty routine work for a plumber and other tradesmen. More than a billion press fittings are installed in the United States every year. A variety of tools are used to modify and form pipe into a variety of shapes to accommodate the individual needs of each project.

Why Use a Press Tool for Copper and Black Pipe?

We’re always looking for ways to make our work more efficient while speeding up productivity without sacrificing quality. The press method allows us to make a secure connection between joints on copper or black pipe much more efficiently than using solder or open flame.

The press tool uses a press-to-connect method to create a quick, reliable, completely watertight seal. You never need to worry about the joint or the repaired pipe bursting at the pressed location. Using a press tool allows you to work in tighter spaces than you would be able to reach with traditional pipe repair tools. The pressing tool allows you to repair leaks on all types of plumbing pipes in tight spaces.

Types of Press Tools

  • Ridgid RP 340 – One of the smaller press tools, this lightweight model maximizes uptime vs the RP 330B and offers more than 400 presses per charge.
  • Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Long Throw Press Tool – The sleek inline design of the M18 makes maneuvering around pipes easy. The press indicator on the M18 lets you verify a fitting’s connection to ensure a quality fit.
  • Dewalt 20 V Max Press Tool – This little tool has a pivoting head that rotates 320 degrees to help facilitate working in tight spaces. The onboard lighting provides excellent task lighting and it communicates with an off board computer for recording crimping data.

Press Jaws

Press jaws are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that you can achieve the perfect seal every time. Make sure the jaws you purchase are designed to work with the type of press tool you own. One of the best options for plumbers who need a press tool and press jaws is to purchase a press tool kit. Most kits include the press tool and a variety of jaws, too.

How to Join Copper Pipe or Black Pipe

  1. Measure and cut the pipe to the desired length.
  2. Deburr the inside of the pipe.
  3. Measure the depth of the sockets to be pressed.
  4. Mark the pipe to match the depth of the joint.
  5. Fit the pipe into the joint to the depth marked on the pipe to ensure that it is inserted fully.
  6. Choose the proper size jaw for the size joint you’re using and fit it onto the pressing tool.
  7. Place the jaws of the press tool over the bead of the fitting.
  8. Keep the tool square.
  9. Begin the crimping process.
  10. Release when the crimp is complete.

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