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RIDGID Tools Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Since 1923, RIDGID has been a trusted name in the industry, providing high-quality tools for contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople. To mark this milestone anniversary, RIDGID is launching a series of events and promotions to show appreciation for its customers and the trades they represent. The celebration will kick off with a special promotion…

An outdoor pipe is covered with ice.

Pipe Thawing Machines and Tools

Winter is among us, and (for most of us) it brings along freezing, cold temperatures. And those cold temperatures can be the cause of many problems including frozen pipes. If frozen pipes aren’t fixed, they cause a mess of problems that go off much like a domino effect: leaking water, a waterfall of water, standing…

Tools For Generations

Ridgid Plumbing Hand Tools Go Far Beyond Drain Cleaners. In 1923, the Ridgid Tool Company was founded in North Ridgeville, Ohio. They manufactured Ridgid hand tools, which immediately became popular because of their durability and ease of use. In 1943, the company moved to Elyria, Ohio, where they became a subsidiary of Emerson Electric in…

Milwaukee cordless press tool joining copper pipe

Advantages of Using a Press Tool

Pressing pipe is pretty routine work for a plumber and other tradesmen. More than a billion press fittings are installed in the United States every year. A variety of tools are used to modify and form pipe into a variety of shapes to accommodate the individual needs of each project. Why Use a Press Tool…

Ridgid Inspection Camera

How To Choose A Ridgid Inspection Camera

Inspection cameras are useful tools in several industries including construction, maintenance and plumbing. They are extremely versatile and allow you to see in small spaces, such as a pipe or behind the wall where a test or measurement tool won’t suffice, where you wouldn’t normally be able to see without the assistance of technology. These…