Southwire Makes Pulling and Fishing Wire Easy

You never know when you may need to modify the electrical wiring in your home or commercial property. Installing new outlets and putting in new light fixtures, for example, may require the running of additional wires behind the walls. Bringing the electrical system in an old house up to code is another story altogether.

Wiring work is done before the walls are completed during the build process, so wiring and cabling is installed before the drywall is installed and finished. The task is more challenging when you need to install new wires behind existing walls. This requires the use of specific tools that an electrician already has in his or her arsenal. The average handyman type homeowner won’t likely have the tools needed for this particular job.

Running electrical wires behind walls is aesthetically appealing as there are no surface wires. This also leaves your walls free to add decorative features such as paintings. Behind the wall electrical wiring also makes it possible to have outlets in areas where you need them without spoiling the look of a wall.

Electrical work is generally best left to qualified electricians, but companies like Southwire now makes it possible for do-it-yourself homeowners with experience to run wires behind the wall. Southwire’s lineup of tools now makes it easier for most people to carry out electrical tasks like fishing and pulling wires.

Some of the products you will need for these types of jobs are:

  • Stud Finder: Essential for wiring jobs, the stud finder tells you exactly where the studs are within the wall. As the name implies, you use it primarily to locate the studs, but you also have to worry about abandoned headers and blocking as well. Without a stud finder you could run into problems after most of the wiring work is complete.
  • Southwire Pullers: These tools are important when it is time to pull cables and wires. They are designed to help you pull wires without damaging them in the process.
  • Flex bits: Flex bits are needed if you must drill holes into hard to reach places within the wall. They allow you to reach further and into tight areas when you wouldn’t otherwise be able to drill a hole.
  • Fish tapes: Fish tape guides new wires, cable, and telephone wires through walls and to the exit point for outlets. It is almost impossible to pull and push wires and cables behind walls without this versatile tool.
  • Glow Wires: Glow wires not only provide light in dark areas, but are used to pull wires through the wall. This is done by running the wire through the eyelet on the glow rods.

Other must-have tools in your arsenal should include:

  • Hooks
  • Drywall Saw
  • Guide Wires
  • Benders and Cutters
  • Telescoping Poles

The hardest part of behind wall electrical work is being able to pull and fish the wires through from one side of the wall to where the outlets are or where new outlets will be. Southwire tools and devices make it easier and much more convenient. Many electricians rely on electrical tools and products by Southwire.

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