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Southwire Makes Pulling and Fishing Wire Easy

You never know when you may need to modify the electrical wiring in your home or commercial property. Installing new outlets and putting in new light fixtures, for example, may require the running of additional wires behind the walls. Bringing the electrical system in an old house up to code is another story altogether. Wiring…

Simpull Fish Tape

Which Southwire Simpull™ Fish Tape Do You Need?

Southwire Tools has released their Simpull fish tape and they have been changing the way electricians have been pulling wire ever since.  The selection is currently broken into 8 different models and we have laid them out so your selection can easily be made. Simpull Fish Tape Length: Southwire found that most hand pulls can be covered…


Learn About Southwire

The History of Southwire Roy Richards, Sr. founded a small construction company in 1937 to erect power poles. Only two and half years later, the company had strung 3,500 miles of cable. In 1950, Mr. Richards went on to start a small, family-owned operation to manufacture wire. Southwire Company opened with only twelve employees, and…