Simpull Fish Tape

Which Southwire Simpull™ Fish Tape Do You Need?

Southwire Tools has released their Simpull fish tape and they have been changing the way electricians have been pulling wire ever since.  The selection is currently broken into 8 different models and we have laid them out so your selection can easily be made.

Simpull Fish Tape Length:

Southwire found that most hand pulls can be covered in 4 basic sizes.  By offering the Simpull fish tapes in 75 Foot, 100 Foot, 125 Foot, and 240 Foot lengths electricians can choose the model that best suits their needs without carrying extra weight all over the jobsite.

Simpull Leader Type:

There are 2 types of leaders for the Simpull fish tapes.  You can either get a Flexible Metal Leader  which easily glides through bends or a Non-Conductive Glow-In-The-Dark leader which protects the user, allows for easy install over existing wires, and adds a helping hand when fishing in dark and remote areas.

Simpull Diameter:

The fish tapes come in 2 different diameters, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, which combine the strength of a steel fish tape with greater flexibility than fiberglass fish tapes.

Simpull™ Fish Tape Length (ft) Type of Leader Diameter Warranty
FTSP45-75FML 75 Feet  Flexible Metal Leader  4.5mm  Lifetime
 FTSP45-75NCT 75 Feet Non-Conductive Glow-In-The-Dark  4.5mm Lifetime
 FTSP3-100FML 100 Feet  Flexible Metal Leader 3.0mm Lifetime
 FTSP3-100NCT 100 Feet  Non-Conductive Glow-In-The-Dark  3.0mm Lifetime
 FTSP45-125FML  125 Feet  Flexible Metal Leader   4.5mm  Lifetime
 FTSP45-125NCT  125 Feet  Non-Conductive Glow-In-The-Dark   4.5mm  Lifetime
 FTSP3-240FML  240 Feet  Flexible Metal Leader 3.0mm  Lifetime
 FTSP3-240NCT  240 Feet  Non-Conductive Glow-In-The-Dark  3.0mm  Lifetime

No matter which Southwire Simpull fish tape you need it is nice to know that there is one designed for the job at hand.  Take a further look at all Simpull fish tapes at ACME Tools.

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