Homeowner using a Milwaukee Blower in their yard.

Milwaukee Gen II M18 FUEL Blower vs Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower

Why Buy The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Gen II Blower?

Milwaukee Gen II M18 Blower 2724-20 In ActionMilwaukee just released its new Gen II M18 FUEL blower (2724-20), and it is definitely a welcome upgrade from the Milwaukee M18 FUEL blower (2728-20). So is the Milwaukee Gen II M18 blower better than the original M18 blower? In a nutshell, it looks nearly exactly the same BUT it’s smaller, lighter, and more powerful. Seems like a no brainer to us, but if you’re still wondering which Milwaukee blower you should buy then look no further because we’re already done the research that will help you choose which Milwaukee blower is best for you! First we’ll list what Gen II M18 FUEL blower features are better than the original M18 FUEL blower. Then we’ll show you a side by side comparison of the two blowers. Without further ado, here’s our take on the old vs new…

New Features For The Gen II M18 FUEL Blower Milwaukee M18 Blower 2728_20

  • More air speed (max air speed of 120 mph)
  • Less heavy (1 lbs lighter)
  • More clearing power (up to 15 feet)
  • Dual motor speed with lock on button
  • Full throttle speed in less than 1 second
M18 FUEL Blower  Gen II M18 FUEL Blower
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Air Speed 100 mph 120 mph
Clearing Power 10 ft 15 ft
Air Volume 450 CFM 450 CFM
Motor Speed Variable Dual (high, low)
Lock On Button Yes Yes
Start Type Electric Electric
Weight 5.7 lbs. 4.9 lbs
Height 11 in. 9.7 in.
Length 35.5 in. 33.8 in.
Width 6.5 in. 5.87 in.

What Milwaukee Blower Will You Choose?

Both the M18 and Gen II are awesome power tools to help you maintain home and professional landscaping needs. Here’s our take: we appreciate that both Milwaukee’s blowers are part of the M18 FUEL system, they come standard equipped with a POWERSTATE brushless motor, REDLINK Plus intelligence, and are compatible with Milwaukee’s M18 lithium-ion battery. And while we do think that that M18 blower is a great choice, we are especially enjoying the Gen II model because it is smaller and more lightweight but has more power than the previous model. Our eyes are on the Gen II model, but you just really can’t go wrong with either of these Milwaukee blowers.

Milwaukee Gen II M18 Blower 2724-20 On The Job


    • Acme Tools

      December 20, 2017 at 12:28 pm

      Hello, Thank you for your question. The original Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower will be supported through Service Centers both independent and factory owned in full even though a new model has been released.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools

  • Glenn McKeon

    November 14, 2018 at 6:42 am

    1 comment and 2 questions: correction to your specs above: the first gen blower does have a lever that can lock the trigger on at any speed you want. Does the gen 2 model have a more stable base to hold the unit when you set it down? The first gen is poorly designed for that. How is the sound (tone, volume) of the gen 2 compared to gen 1? Gen 1 is pretty loud and whiny. But I still like my gen 1. I use it more than any other tool.

    • Acme Tools

      November 14, 2018 at 8:46 am

      Hi Glenn, Thank you for your comment and questions. We have fixed the Lock On spec to the post. The sound of the GenII unit is rated at 63db and it does have some whine to it but it is not as bad as the GenI unit. The base is very similar to the GenI and will hold a 9.0 or 12.0 battery but it seems to get a little tippy. It will fall over when bumped but what competitor’s model won’t fall over if bumped.

      Acme Tools

      • ndfan77

        November 2, 2020 at 10:42 am

        I have both. The Gen 2 is considerably more stable and less prone to being knocked or tipped over accidentally (which was a bit of an annoyance with the Gen 1 because I didn’t think I could safely park it temporarily in a spot where tipping over might hurt the blower, like on porch stairs).

        I wish this comparison had also included battery life. While I appreciate the extra power in the Gen 2, it does seem like the Gen 2 goes through batteries quite a bit quicker than the Gen 1 did (which has me wondering if I’m going to need a 3rd 9.0AH battery to finish leaf blowing the yard this year).

  • John Koenig

    November 21, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Question: I would like to be able to use an electric blower to clear the top of my RV slide outs WITHOUT having to use a ladder. Do either of these Milwaukee blowers have, as an option, a 90º accessory nozzle? If not, would a standard 90º plastic pipe elbow easily and securely mount onto the end of the discharge tube?

    • Acme Tools

      November 23, 2018 at 7:37 am

      Hello, Thank you for your question. Milwaukee does not offer a 90º accessory at this time and unfortunately there is not a “standard” size when dealing with blower nozzles. Companies like Echo and Stihl offer gutter cleaning kits for their blowers and these may fit but we cannot guarantee it.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools

    • Acme Tools

      November 1, 2019 at 7:56 am

      Hello, Thank you for your question. At this time we are not aware of a blower/vacuum but we are sure it would be well received.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools


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