m12 led underhood light

Milwaukee M12™ LED Underhood Light Review

The Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Light gives mechanics a hand while working on, well, just about everything. The 2125-20 (Bare Tool) and 2125-21XC (Tool, Battery, Charger Kit) has some impressive stats. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative product.

Best in Class Lumen Light Output

m12 led underhood lightThe 2125-20 and 2125-21XC will offer 1,350 Lumens which is best-in-class light output for a light with a removable battery system. It offers the TrueView High Definition LEDs which display true color and detail in engine bays and dashboards so wires can properly be identified. With the outstanding performance also comes extended run times. The underhood light will run up to 8 hours on a Milwaukee M12 4.0XC battery.

Mode Output Runtime
High 1350 Lumen 4 Hours
Low 600 Lumen 8 Hours


FINISHGUARD™ Hooks Protect Against Scratches

 M12 LED Underhood LightThe M12 LED Underhood Light will feature fully padded mitt shaped end caps that allows for more contact and 2X more gripping surface that provides a maximum hold on diverse surfaces without having an abrasive surface that can scratch a vehicle’s finish.

Rotate, Slide, Remove & Hang

milwaukee m12 underhood lightTo focus the light up, down, left, or right the Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Light can easily rotate and slide. The detachable light with built in end cap hang hook can be used on motorcycles, scooters, and in multiple other applications.







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