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Milwaukee Tool Presents the M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ One-Key™

Continuing their commitment to driving disruptive innovation for professionals, Milwaukee Tool partnered with Columbus McKinnon to present the new M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ One-Key™. It’s a battery-powered chain hoist that can lift one metric ton (2,204 lbs.) at 20 ft. lift height. This streamlined solution outperforms both manual and electric competitors, offering effortless installations, minimal downtime and enhanced mobility. The M18 Compact 1-ton Chain Hoist is expected to release July 2024. Keep reading to find out how the chain hoist improves productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Chain Hoist Increases Production With Less Effort

Milwaukee Tool worked countless hours alongside other professionals onsite. They witnessed the frustrations of both manual and electric hoists. Milwaukee Tool revolutionized the complete hoisting process by incorporating user feedback into their product development process. Along with Columbus McKinnon’s collaboration, they reduced installation to a matter of minutes, removed the physical strain of a manual lift, and improved the ease of transport from site to site. With the new solution, users can achieve higher productivity by expending less effort throughout the process. 

The design of the M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ One-Key™ provides less downtime. With a 60-ft. remote control range, users can stand clear of the load. Paired with an integrated variable speed lift and lower button, allowing up to a quarter-inch of chain movement, users have more precision while installing materials. As a result, the new hoist drives productivity throughout the day.

One-Key Technology Integration Simplifies Functionality

The new chain hoist delivers effortless installation for the professional user for ease of use in the application. Featuring an inverted design, access to the battery compartment is quick and convenient for changes. It’s paired with an integrated Battery Light Indicator on the remote that notifies users when their 12.0 Battery is at 25% remaining charge. It allows operators to lower the load and swap out the battery, eliminating the frustrations of swapping packs in mid-air. With ONE-KEY™ platform integration, users can access interval tracking and record storage through the ONE-KEY™ App or Desktop.

Lightweight Chain Hoist With Rolling Toolbox Enhances Transportation

Designed to deliver improved mobility, the M18™ Compact Chain Hoist minimizes common transportation challenges between sites and rigging locations on a site. The chain hoist weighs only 46 lbs. bare tool (without batteries) that is optimized for easy transportation. It also comes kitted with a PACKOUT™ modular storage system rolling toolbox.

With improved functionality, operators can easily roll the chain hoist within the workspace and transport it to other sites. Developed in partnership with Columbus McKinnon, the new M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ One-Key™ includes the chain hoist, remote, two batteries, a charger and the PACKOUT™ rolling case. 

Take Advantage of M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist W/ One-Key™

This efficient solution surpasses both manual and electric competitors, providing easy installations, minimal interruptions and improved mobility. Order your M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/One-Key™ today.


  • 1- Metric Ton (2,204lbs) 20 ft. Chain
  • One Man Carry at 46 lbs.
  • Wireless Remote with up to 60 ft. range
  • Effortless installs with less downtime and improved mobility

Purchase includes:

  • 2983-20 M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ ONE-KEY™
  • 60 ft. range remote
  • 48-22-8426 PACKOUT™ Rolling Cart
  • Two 48-11-1812 M18 REDLITHIUM™ High-Output 12.0AH Batteries
  • 48-59-1808 M18™/M12™ Rapid Charger

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