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Milwaukee MX FUEL: The Most Advanced System

Introducing the newest, most reliable, and most powerful system yet; the Milwaukee MX FUEL REDLITHIUM System. The MX FUEL system optimizes performance and run time, providing users with the most advanced trade-focused solutions. Equipped with REDLINK PLUS, ONE-KEY, POWERSTATE Brushless Motors, REDLITHIUM, and other patented technology, users can expect power equipment that exceeds their expectations.

With the most advanced batteries, motors, and electronics, the new system undoubtedly delivers the best-in-class performance. Revolutionize your power tool collection with a high-performance system that eliminates hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and gas maintenance frustrations.

Although power tools have received many benefits from cordless technology, light equipment has not. Milwaukee is pushing light equipment to new limits utilizing cordless and lithium-ion technology with the new MX FUEL equipment system.

Milwaukee MX FUEL REDLITHIUM Power Tools:

Cut-Off Saw

The new MX FUEL™ Cut-Off Saw delivers the best performance from start to finish. With a full 14″ cut capacity and the ability to cut up to 5″ depths, the saw provides the fastest cuts in a variety of materials. Get the job done faster with the push-button activation that eliminates repetitive motions.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Cut Off Saw

The Cut-Off Saw has the power to cut through concrete, rebar, ductile iron, and other tough materials due to the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor. With the instant power from the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM battery pack, the saw has few wearable parts, no power cords, less noise, less vibration, and zero emissions producing zero gas headaches. The cordless cut-off saw is compatible with all MX FUEL REDLITHIUM batteries, providing most reliable power. Providing optimal tool performance and overload protection, REDLINK PLUS Intelligence protects the machine and battery during all applications. ONE-KEY technology allows users to track, manage, and secure their tools with the industry’s largest Bluetooth community tracking network.

Cut-Off Saw Cart

In addition to the MX FUEL Cut-Off Saw, Milwaukee released a Cut-Off Saw Cart to provide longer, easier cuts. The cart takes the strain off of users and helps maximize runtime by holding the blade at a consistent height throughout the length of the cut. The gravity feed water tank allows for wet cutting, and a bracket is included allowing the M18 Water Supply as an upgraded high-pressure water system.


Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker

Delivering a faster, safer, and easier concrete demolition experience, the Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker is the most productive in its class. The jackhammer features the lowest vibration, lightest weight, and breaks over 2 tons per charge. Designed for professionals utilizing ultimate power, durability, and productivity, the demolition hammer is the most productive on the market. The breaker makes it easier to remove and transport thought the job site due to its lightweight.

The 50 ft-lbs of impact energy provided by the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor meets and exceeds the competition. Delivering unparalleled run time, the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM XC406 battery pack allows for a break of a 40′ trench that is 1′ wide and 6″ thick on just one charge. Ensuring maximum performance, REDLINK PLUS Intelligence protects from overload, overheating, and over-discharge. The concrete breaker is ONE-KEY compatible in order to manage the equipment better. The breaker machine is compatible with all MX FUEL batteries.

Breaker Cart

The Milwaukee Breaker Cart makes transportation on and off the job site easy. The steel-made cart withstands the harshest job site elements and has a reinforced base to provide long-lasting durability. Remove the frustration of carrying the machine while transporting batteries, chisels, and a charger with the cart.

Rocket Tower Light/Charger

Providing up to 27,000 Lumens of task and area lighting, the Milwaukee MX FUEL ROCKET Tower Light/Charger is the new way to light your work area. The tower is the most portable 10′ light that can withstand job site environments, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The cordless light tower features 8″ all-terrain wheels that easily roll the light across uneven ground, whether it needs to be moved across rough terrain during early phase construction or across pan decking for early morning concrete pours. Additionally, the mobile light has 4 outriggers that can quickly be deployed to provide even more stability on uneven surfaces. Set up the tower in seconds to the max height of 10′ with a motorized mast and collapse it down to 44″ for easy transportation and storage.

Four multi-directional LED light heads cast up to 27,000 Lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition Output in several directions. These LED lights never need to be replaced, and they are backed by Milwaukee’s limited lifetime warranty. Powered by a MX FUEL REDLITHIUM battery, the light tower runs up to 10 hours on a single charge. The light is compatible with all MX FUEL REDLITHIUM batteries that deliver the hardest working and most reliable power. Also, the light tower/charger features ONE-KEY Technology.

Core Drill

Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Drill

With Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill, users can core with confidence like never before. The patented clutch and AUTOSTOP Technology deliver maximum control and prevent over-rotation in case the core drilling machine gets bound up. Core into reinforced concrete with the power that the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor provides. REDLINK PLUS ensures performance and protection, making it easier to core on job sites or in remote locations. Additionally, the cordless drill is compatible with all MX FUEL REDLITHIUM batteries and ONE-KEY Technology.

The MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill also offers a compact stand. The stand delivers faster set up and more versatile coring. Easily transport the Core Drill with the stand’s durable wheels and lightweight tool carrier that mounts to the wall. With the easy-to-adjust angled mast settings and the option to anchor/vacuum the mount, the Compact Core Drill Stand is a useful solution for coring on site.

Sewer Drum Machine

Simplify sewer calls with Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine. The cordless machine provides the power to clear roots at 200 ft out while containing the mess with a fully closed drum. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor provides the power to reach 200 ft out in 3″- 8″ sewer lateral lines.

CABLE DRIVE Automatic Feed & Retract Technology reduces fatigue by eliminating the need to pull back the cable from the pipe. The RAPID STOP button swiftly releases the CABLE DRIVE bearings to prevent the cable from binding. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence offers improved control with an integrated drum brake that slows the sewer machine faster than competitor drums. Because the sewer drum is compatible with all Milwaukee MX FUEL REDLITHIUM Batteries, the machines can power through multiple jobs on a single charge. The battery packs deliver cordless mobility, safety, and power supply to the drain cleaning industry. Similar to most MX FUEL products, the MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine is compatible with ONE-KEY Technology.

Further simplify sewer calls with POWERTREDZ Technology. The patented POWERTREDZ Lift Assist technology enables one-person transportation. The technology assists users transport the machine up and down stairs and in and out of a service vehicle.

MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine Accessories

The MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine Front Guide Hose contains the free-spinning cable from the machine to the pipe, protecting and keeping work areas clean. The 6.5′ hose features easy connections with a tool-free quick-connect collar.

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine Load Wheel assists in loading the machine into a service van or truck. While the load wheel is attached, the machine can be lifted from the handles at the bottom for one-person loading into a vehicle. Following the Front Guide Hose, the Load Wheel features a tool-free quick-connect easy attachment.

Carry-On 3600W/1800W Power Supply

The Power Supply is currently in the design stage. Stay tuned for more information.

Provide the best power for the job with Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Carry-On Power Supply. Power anywhere with efficient, quiet, and portable power.

Because the portable power supply is battery-powered, the use of gasoline and the need for engine repair/maintenance is eliminated. The battery-powered features save users money and time spent on the job. With the compact size, lack of emissions, and quiet operation, the power supply can be safely used in confined indoor spaces, while the metal roll cage makes it safe for outdoor use.

Additionally, the MX FUEL Power Supply is compatible with all MX FUEL batteries and can run on a single battery for lightweight portability or two batteries for twice the run time. Similar to the other MX FUEL tools, the generator is ONE-KEY compatible and has REDLINK PLUS Intelligence built-in.

Milwaukee MX FUEL 3600W/1800W Power Supply

Battery Packs


When weight and mobility are critical, the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM CP203 battery pack delivers the power and runtime you need. With the hardest working and most reliable power that REDLITHIUM produces, the battery pack offers cooling, fade-free power even through heavy applications. The CP203 battery is capable of fully charging in 45 minutes. Additionally, an onboard fuel gauge displays the remaining charge with the push of a button. A thick rubber overmold protects the battery if dropped, while the integrated carry handle makes transport easy. The battery pack is equipped with REDLINK Intelligence to optimize performance and fits all MX FUEL equipment.


Milwaukee’s MX FUEL REDLITHIUM XC406 battery pack has the same intelligence and features as the MX CP203 battery pack; however, the XC406 comes in a compact design and charges in 90 minutes. Also, the battery pack is compatible with ONE-KEY, allowing users to manage their equipment better. The XC406 battery pack also fits all MX FUEL equipment.


The Milwaukee MX FUEL Battery Charger produces the power to charge the CP203 battery in 45 minutes and the XC406 battery in 90 minutes. Also equipped with REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, the charger communicates directly with the batteries to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status. The communication optimizes the performance and lifespan of the battery. The added intelligence allows for reduced downtime and increased productivity. Because a substantial amount of work can be completed without a full charge, the charger indicates when the battery reaches 80%. The charger features an internal fan to keep the charger’s electronics cool and an integrated carry handle for easy transport.

Milwaukee Tool Cordless Systems

Because of the seamless blend of power, performance, and run-time, MX FUEL, M18 FUEL, and M12 FUEL Systems complement each other. Each system successfully solves trade-focused frustrations with untapped potential system wide.

Milwaukee MX FUEL System

The platform that delivers best-in-class light equipment solutions. This system will continue to grow in light equipment solutions to replace gas on-site and will remain compatible long term.

Milwaukee M18 System

The rapidly growing system that contains over 200 products will not slow its growth. Milwaukee will continue to deliver power tools that don’t compromise on power or performance.

Milwaukee M12 System

The largest sub-compact system in the industry will also expand. The expansion will focus on portable power and transforming inefficient manual tools into advanced tools powered by cordless technology.

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