Empire Annouced the release of the Ext Extendable Levels

New Release: Empire eXT Extendable Levels

Since 1919, Empire has established itself as a trusted brand, especially within the construction industry, by producing a vast line of innovative layout and measurement solutions. The new Empire EXT Extendable Levels provide accuracy at any rate. Empire acknowledges how crucial layout versatility is by developing levels that expand to various sizes to fit any job.

“Due to their wide range of applications, end-users often need Box Levels in a variety of lengths to complete their work, leading them to carry several sizes – sometimes up to 6-8 different levels – in order to get the job done…Our eXT Extendable solutions are capable of completing up to 90% of all Box Level applications with only two levels; improving portability and versatility with the exact size to fit any material or application.”

-Garrett Schoonover, Product Manager for Empire Level

Empire eXT Extendable Level Features

Empire Ext Extendable Level Application

Available in two different models, The Empire eXT Extendable Levels offer durable bushings and an adjustable slide mechanism that controls the friction fit. Users can scribe into tight corners with the tool-free removable endcaps. For superior visibility, the extendable levels come equipped with e-Band technology. Additionally, the features allow for long-life accuracy and reliability. Both level models are backed with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and vials.


24″-40″ Extendable Level

24"-48" ext level

48″-78″ Extendable Level

48"-78" ext level

Final Thoughts

Above all, Empire continues to establish relationships throughout the trades by proceeding to develop innovative solutions. The versatility of the Empire eXT Extendable Levels provides a best-in-class solution on any job site. Get a perfect read in every application with the new levels from an Acme Tools near you or visit our online store.

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