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Halloween Cemetery Fence

How To Make A Halloween Cemetery Fence

DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence Decorating for Halloween can be a fun family event. Increase your yard’s spook appeal with this lightweight Cemetery Fence which also keeps the neighborhood kids off your grass. For this build we were blessed by Milwaukee Tools and they gave us free reign of their tools. The Milwaukee Cordless Tools we used…

How To Make A Halloween Coffin Lid

DIY Halloween Coffin Lid Decorating for Halloween has become a popular past-time when the leaves begin to change colors. We have created an old fashioned coffin lid for you to add to your indoor or outdoor decorations. This build leaves some decisions to the creator and these decisions will add to the overall look of the project. We…

Single Sheet Of Plywood Rocking Chair

Are you looking for a new project that won’t break the bank, not involve a whole workshop full of tools, and that you can enjoy all year long?  How about a simple rocking chair made from 1 piece of plywood.  Mr. Fix It, Aaron Massey, lends his talents to this unique build. Step #1: Materials…

Red and Yellow golf balls that have been drilled to make a ladder golf game.

How to Make a Family-Friendly Ladder Golf Game

Ladder golf is a popular and friendly backyard game that’s a hoot to play. You just toss two balls held together by a rope and try to get them to stay on the ladder. (More detailed rules are at the end.) Once you have the materials, you can make your own game in less than an…