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Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series Generator

Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series Generator

In 1998 Honda revolutionized the portable generator market with the EU1000 Quiet Series Inverter Generator.  Shortly after, they released the EU2000i and due to its reliability, durability, and low noise level it has been the benchmark for all others to be compared against.  We are proud to announce the Honda EU2200i which continues the tradition…


3 Tips for Generator Safety

Generators Can Be Helpful During Times Of Natural Disaster Disasters of any kind, natural or man made, are exactly that… disastrous and extremely costly. Let’s quickly look at what some of the worst disasters in North America have cost to clean up and fix. Hurricane Katrina 2010 – $145B Northridge Earthquake 1994 – $60B Hurricane…

Buying Guide: How To Choose A Generator

Generators let you carry on with life when the power fails. They also allow you to bring power to remote areas for work and play. Use this guide as a generator checklist as you compare models, features and benefits to find the right equipment for your needs. Uses and Applications Generators supply power when and…