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An RV ventures down a winding highway.

What Do I Need In My RV?

It’s summertime, and you may want to set out on an adventure. What better way to do that than in a brand new RV! There is something about being able to bring a mini-version with you while venturing out onto the open roads. But before you do that, you need to outfit your fresh off-the-lot…

Best Portable Generators of 2019

10 Best Portable Generators at Acme Tools

Losing power in your home can be a major problem during a storm, but that’s where a portable generator can be your best tool. The smaller size and ease of a portable generator make it simple to transport your power wherever you need it. Choosing the right generator for those needs can be a bit…

Honda's EU3000iS with CO-MINDER CO Detector Sensor

Honda Puts New CO Detector Into Generators

Honda Power Equipment is taking the next step toward generator safety. They’re launching CO-MINDER, a new advanced carbon monoxide detection system, in their entire line of generators. Honda is the first in the industry to install a CO detector in all of its models. Honda began rolling out the CO-MINDER technology on existing models in…

Two new generac generators

Introducing the New Generac 24kW Guardian Series

Founded in 1959, Generac has been the first to provide affordable and reliable portable power. With more than 2 million homeowners with standby power, there’s no question why they continue to be the industry leader with home backup power. In 2014, Generac released the industry-leading 22kW home standby air-cooled generator, which remains the largest on…

This Years Best Generators from Acme Tools?

Generators are powerful machines that have uses for a variety of things like outdoor events, tailgating, job sites, and emergencies. With that said, not all generators are made equal and many are designed for a particular task. You have two kinds of generators to choose from both serving very different functions. The Home Generator, also…

Guide to make the best choice on purchasing a generator

The Ultimate Generator Buying Guide

How To Choose the Best Generator Do you need a power generator, but don’t have any idea where to start? Look no further. We here at Acme Tools have assembled the ultimate generator buying guide for you. Types of Generators Portable A standard portable generator uses a combustion engine to create alternating current, or AC….

skyline with power lines running to a large transmission tower

Clean Power with Generac Portable Generators

What is Clean Power? As if the subject of electricity wasn’t challenging enough, there is an aspect of power generation that sometimes causes even those experienced with generators to scratch their heads: the notion of “clean” power. In its purest form, alternating current (AC) flows in sine waves at a specific frequency, measured in cycles…

B.E.R.G.S. Fuel Extender Buying Guide

Extend Your Generator’s Runtime Whether it’s for fun or for work if you need power you want to make sure it can last. Most generators can last between three to eight hours on a single tank, and those don’t usually pass a gallon. Constantly refilling it at hour intervals can be a hassle. So what…