Honda's EU3000iS with CO-MINDER CO Detector Sensor

Honda Puts New CO Detector Into Generators

Honda's EU1000i with CO-MINDER CO Detector Sensor

Honda Power Equipment is taking the next step toward generator safety. They’re launching CO-MINDER, a new advanced carbon monoxide detection system, in their entire line of generators. Honda is the first in the industry to install a CO detector in all of its models.

Honda began rolling out the CO-MINDER technology on existing models in July. The technology is available in the EU1000i and EU3000iS Super Quiet Series inverter generators, the Economy Series EG4000 open-frame unit, and the EB10000 Industrial Series. By the end of the year, all Honda portable generator models will include the CO-MINDER system.

How it Works

Honda's EU3000iS with CO-MINDER CO Detector Sensor

The CO-MINDER continuously monitors carbon monoxide levels around the generator and automatically shuts down the unit if levels become dangerous. Designed to be fast-acting compared to other slower CO detection systems, the CO-MINDER cuts down on false positives. Competitor’s systems respond to lower CO concentration levels so they can react in time to shut down the generator.

The CO-MINDER sensor detects a CO level at or exceeding 800-part per million or an average of 400 ppm for 10 minutes. After surpassing that CO level, the generator shuts down automatically. A safety light will notify the user that CO buildup caused the shutdown. The fast-acting system also prevents false positives, such as a gust of wind that blows exhaust back toward the sensor, which occurs on other CO detection systems.

Cutting-Edge Safety

Honda's EB10000 Industrial Generator with CO-MINDER CO Detector Sensor

There is a wide range of safety features built into the CO-MINDER detection system. The sensors work even if blocked and are moisture and dust resistant, which boosts their life-span. The sensor system automatically tests itself and will alert the user when sensors need replacing.

The CO-MINDER CO detector sensors, which have the widest temperature operating range of any CO systems available, match Honda generators’ running temperatures, making them usable anywhere in the U.S.

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