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A GEARWRENCH lineman pliers is used to cut a wire under the hood of a car.

9 Best Lineman Pliers for Electrical Work

Lineman pliers should be an essential item in everyone’s toolbox. Typically used by electricians, the pliers can cut, straighten, and bend wire, and they’re great for twisting wires together. Although lineman pliers are viewed primarily as a professional tool, they’re a perfect solution for do-it-yourselfers, as well.  The beauty of lineman pliers is their versatility….

Many tools sit in the background of title card.

Explaining Tool Slang and Nicknames

Throughout many industries, there is slang or specific words that have become familiar names for products. Some are regional, such as a soft drink being called a pop, soda, or “Coke.” Some are brand names that have become synonymous with a specific product, such as many people call gelatin, “Jello,” or tissues, “Kleenex.” The tool…

Tradesman wearing a klein tools hard hat

Klein Tools Releases New Line of Safety Helmets

Klein Tools built on the innovation of its hard hats line in its newest release of safety helmets. With fall protection safety at the forefront, the Class E and Class C helmets feature integrated chin straps. Both are tested for top, side, front, and back impact and penetration. Their compact design is perfect for confined…

Klein MM600 Digital Multimeter Gets Put To the Test

Professional tradesman from all aspects are demanding with their tools and no manufacturer is more aware of this than Klein.  For over 160 years Klein Tools has been making tools for the Electrical trade and we decided to take their MM600K auto ranging digital multimeter out for a test to see how durable it really…