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A Milwaukee M12 Stick Transfer Pump is used to pump water out of a sewage drain.

Milwaukee M12 Transfer Pump Shown at Pipeline

Milwaukee revealed its slate of product releases for the rest of the year at its annual PIPELINE event. The event is part of Milwaukee’s philosophy of transparency of what’s coming from them and providing a constant flow of innovative solutions to make you more productive and safer on the jobsite. Many products were revealed during…

Person using the new M12 Cable Stapler

Milwaukee Releases New Cable Stapler

Milwaukee is coming out with a new M12 Cable Stapler Bare Tool (2448-20) or as a kit (2448-21) which will include an M12 REDLITHIUM CP 2.0Ah Battery, an M12 charger, as well as a contractor bag. This cable stapler offers better performance, productivity, run-time, and a more compact size and weight that is perfect for…

Person using M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler on pol

Milwaukee Shows Off New Fencing Stapler

Milwaukee is releasing a new M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler (2843-20), which is also available as a kit (2843-22). The kit includes¬†two M18 REDLITHIUM High Output CP3.0 batteries, an M18 & M12 Multi-Voltage Charger, and a contractor bag. This fencing stapler offers excellent productivity, ease of use, and all-day runtime. Also check out the 9GA…

Milwaukee PACKOUT Tumbler is attached to the top of a storage solution.

Milwaukee Finally Releases PACKOUT Tumblers

For years Milwaukee fans have been asking for a tumbler to be added to the PACKOUT System. Some have even gone as far as 3D printing their own solutions to attach a tumbler to their PACKOUT solutions. Milwaukee is finally answering all their prayers. Two new PACKOUT tumblers and a cooler have been revealed that…

Several everyday carry pocket knives lined up on a black table.

Choosing the Best Knife for Your Needs

There’s nothing in your toolbox that can make up for a quality knife. Whether it’s a utility knife, hunting knife, pocket knife, or an everyday carry knife, you need a sharp, solid blade in your arsenal. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best knife, including blade type and material, weight,…

A Milwaukee M12 FUEL 8-Inch Hedge Trimmer is used to trim down a bush.

Milwaukee Releasing M12 FUEL Hedge Trimmer

Its spring, and flowers, trees, and bushes are about to begin blooming again. Landscaping professionals will be out in full force, and they’re always looking for more power in their cordless tools. Milwaukee is going to prepare you to keep your yard looking tidy with a new M12 FUEL 8-Inch Hedge Trimmer (2533-21). The cordless…

Milwaukee m12 green 360 laser in use

Milwaukee Announces New M12 Green 360 Laser

Milwaukee has just announced its new M12 Green 360 Single Plane Laser (3631-20) and kit (3631-21) which includes a responsive laser alignment target, laser track clip, M12 REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 battery pack, M12 Charger, and a carrying case (also included with bare tool). Changing the batteries of your laser level can disrupt your projects and…

m18 fuel vac system display

Milwaukee M18 Wet/Dry AIR-TIP Vacuum System

Milwaukee is rolling out a new wet/dry vacuum. Its excellent performance, durability, and versatility is the tool for jobsite cleanup. This vacuum is equipped with many dominant features to up your game. Its brushless motor outperforms 3.5 peak HP wet/dry vacuums, cleaning up more common debris in the same amount of time, making it more…

Last Brand Standing Championship Ticket

Last Brand Standing 2022 Championship

This is the ultimate underdog story. You have the reigning champion in Milwaukee colliding with the Cinderella run from Bora in the Last Brand Standing championship. Milwaukee rolled past Irwin in a route fueled by their 16-Piece Hole Dozer Kit. Milwaukee’s M18 Multi-Tool Kit contributed as well for a two-headed monster that was almost impossible…

Worn Last Brand Standing Third Round Ticket

Last Brand Standing 2022 Round Three

Here’s a last four no one could have predicted. Three of the four final teams are double-digit seeds, which means at least one team will continue their Cinderella run into the Last Brand Standing final.  Irwin took down LBS title favorite EGO in a back and forth matchup, with Irwin getting the edge with more…