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Milwaukee NPS 2019: Product Highlights

Milwaukee NPS 2019 was a huge success. Plenty of tools made to make jobs safer and more efficient presented to a select few. Acme Tools being one of the lucky ones to see the latest and greatest in innovation, left us excited for the year. But there are a lot of questions about the devices,…

NPS 2019: M12 FUEL SURGE 1/4″ Hex Driver

Milwaukee Tools has been one for innovation for tools and making the worksite a better place, that means any worksite. Working can sometimes lead you out of the ordinary jobsite, like hospitals, homes, and retirement homes, and these places usually don’t like loud noises. That’s where the new Milwaukee M12 FUEL SURGE ¼” Hex hydraulic…

NPS 2019: Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Heated Jackets is something everyone wishes they had during cold winter days. Milwaukee doesn’t only make heated jackets but jackets made to fit your work style, your body, and your conditions. This year at NPS Milwaukee releases more heated jackets as well as others for different situations. What’s New? With Milwaukee’s already extensive line of…