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A completed backsplash with copper accent

How to Install a Backsplash

A backsplash is one of the easiest home improvements you can do and relatively affordable. It can completely transform a space that usually looks pretty dull and give it a sophisticated appearance. There are almost infinite options available for backsplash tiles, such as off-the-wall patterns, exciting shapes and colors, or alternative materials. The only limit…

How to Choose the Best MK Tile Saw

Working with tile is not easy. The material can be strong, heavy, but brittle, so it requires a certain tool for the job. You need something that won’t crack, shatter, or damage the tile. For more decorative designs, something accurate is what you’ll need as well. The Tile Saw is the perfect instrument for the…

The Ultimate Tile Saw Buying Guide

There are several questions you will need to ask yourself about your tile saw needs. Let’s talk about tile saws for a minute. As a contractor, you’re probably always searching the market for the best equipment. So, when you buy a tile saw, you want to ensure that the tool will make your job easier…