How to Choose the Best MK Tile Saw

Working with tile is not easy. The material can be strong, heavy, but brittle, so it requires a certain tool for the job. You need something that won’t crack, shatter, or damage the tile. For more decorative designs, something accurate is what you’ll need as well. The Tile Saw is the perfect instrument for the job.

What’s different about this saw?

With Tile Saws they have a multitude of differences between them and other saws. For instance, the blades used with a tile saw have diamonds in them. This maintains a precise cut that won’t shatter, rip, and ruin the material since it grinds them. Another key difference in this tool is that it requires a water reservoir to keep the saw blade cool.

Types MK Diamond Tile Saws:

Now with tile saws, you won’t get anything further than its main function, which is again to cut tiles. MK Diamond is known for their top quality diamond tools, which is why we wanted to give you a guide to their tile saws. Each saw is different and so are the materials they work with. So depending on what you’re job entails you might need something portable or something with power. You may need one for precise cuts and another for large tiles but whatever your need MK has the saw for the job.

MK Diamond MK-100

Best Tile Saw for Easy Maintenance

One of the precise tile saws. Weighing at 96 lbs. place it on top of a work table, a bench, or on a tile saw stand. With its adjustable motor post, it can fit smaller material sizes. It’s also easy to maintain with its easy to clean reservoir, that won’t rust, and installed with a lifelong lubrication for consistent performance. This also has an adjustable head for plunge cuts and with 1-1/2 hp, it can get through the most material. Great for a contractor on a budget.

MK Diamond MK-101 Pro  & MK Diamond Pro-24

Best Tile Saw for Heavy Duty, Job-Sites

Now the difference between these two is the length of cut, diagonal cut, weight, and dimensions. Beyond that they are necessarily the same, just depending if your work will require larger tiles and if you want to carry 117 lbs. versus 135 lbs.

101 Pro 24

101 Pro

MK Diamond MK-145

Best Tile Saw for Small Projects and Details

The lightest tile saw, and accommodates a 12 in. tile. This one doesn’t require a water pump because the tray serves as the coolant with an immersion blade cooling system. The blades housing in the tray and as the blade spins it has constant contact with water. Perfect for small jobs and can be easily transported to anywhere it’s needed. Able to do rips, bevels, miters, cuts, and diagonal cuts.


MK Diamond MK-170

Best Tile Saw for DIY, Craftsman, and Handy Homeowners

Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, and weekend craftsman. Weighing only 15 lbs. it can easily be put on any countertop. It also has safety innovations with the MK-Safe switch which prevents the saw being used when the key is removed.

MK Diamond MK-370

Best Tile Saws for Precise, Intricate Cuts

For more precise cutting on a portable platform, this is the saw for the job. With its built-in 45º tilting head for miter cuts, variable height head for plunge cutting, and with its powerful high-torque motor, it can get those deep and accurate cuts.

MK Diamond MK-660

Best Versatile Tile Saw

Versatile at only 48 lbs. this saw is precise, powerful, and quiet. With a solid steel frame, it can handle job-sites with no problem. With its adjustable head, it can even perform plunge cuts for those exact jobs. Easy to maintain and easy to carry, this is the saw for anyone on the go.But don’t limit the tool to tiles. This tile saw is also great for cutting glass. Since both glass and porcelain have the same material and texture it cuts without issue.


Some tile saws are a good fit for big industrial jobs, others are great for smaller projects. Regardless of what you’re working on, there is a tile saw from MK Diamond to fit your job.Let us know what you think of the MK Tile Saws and if would you prefer to buy an American made product? If you need information on tile saws check out check out this post. For more information on these tools and accessories, head over to  Remember folks, Always Do Your Best Work!

Model Voltage (V) Weight (lbs.) Blade RPM Horse Power (hp) Dimensions (LxWxH in.)
MK-100 115V 96 lbs. 3,450 1-1/2 hp 36 in.x 22 in.x 23 in.
MK-101 Pro 120V 117 lbs. 3,450 1-1/2 hp 36 in.x 22 in.x 23 in.
MK-101 Pro-24 120V 130 lbs. 3,450 1-1/2 hp 42 in.x 22 in.x 23 in.
MK-145 120V 12 lbs. 6,000 1/2 hp 18 in.x 16 in.x 7 in.
MK-170 120V 15 lbs. 5,500 1/2 hp 17 in.x 14 in.x 12 in.
MK-370 120V 33 lbs. 6,000 1-1/4 hp 33 in.x 19 in.x 20 in.
MK-660 120V 48 lbs. 3,500 3/4 hp 27 in.x 21 in.x 16 in.

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