The Top 18 BEST Gardening Tools 2019

The snow is gone, the sun is shining, and you want to make your yard or your backyard looking great. You could plant a garden, tend to your lawn, or even shape your hedges or trees. Then you realize, you don’t have any of the tools. Which ones do you need? How much do you need to get? What are their names? Take a breath, because we have you covered.

Acme Tools wants you to Do Your Best Work no matter what it entails. Here is a list of tools you can order online from us our pick up in our stores to get to gardening and making your yard the best on the block. Categorized for your convenience we have separated them into Hand Tools, Digging Tools, Cutting Tools, Power Equipment, and Other.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools are gardeners way of getting those delicate touches in between plants, the grass, and their yard.

Rake– This simple tool gathers any fallen or loose leaves, as well as any light debris, from your grass. The tines, the tips of the rake, are usually made of metal or plastic. Two kinds of rakes exist where one is sturdy and the other is flexible. The flexible version has tine allow them to pick up material without doing any significant damage to the plants. The sturdy and stiff variation is meant to pick up heavier material and to irritate the soil.

Garden Fork (A.K.A. Pitchfork)– Used to move mulch or to loosen dirt to help allow oxygen to reach the soil. If you are planning on composting or having to work with damp or moist soil, this becomes a necessity.

Digging Tools

Digging Tools allow you to plant and tend to a garden by softening the soil. Use these tools also to cut roots or remove material that is in the way.

Pick– Perfect for if you have soil that has never been used before for planting. Use this tool is used to break tough ground or any roots you may find in the way of your garden bed.

Shovel Primarily for digging this can fit a variety of jobs. Lift and move a bulk of material or even cutting and chopping through material like soft rock, roots or clumps of dirt. This tool comes in all shapes and sizes but all work essentially the same.

Hoe– In tandem with a pick, or as a full replacement the how is for lawns that have never been used for gardening before. This particular tool allows you to break the ground to expose the fertile soil underneath. It is allowing oxygen to penetrate and also for water to flow more freely.

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools are needed if you want to keep trees, shrubs, or plants, in a pristine condition.

Folding Saw– A compact tool that is great for quick removal of unneeded or dead material. Saw off dead branches, wasting less nutrients, or use it to snip a fast growing branch.

Hatchet– For small branches that don’t need a saw but can’t be broken by hand a hatchet is your best option. Use this to remove dead or unnecessary branches from your tree. Then repurpose that wood into mulch or even firewood if you so desire.

Garden Shears– To cover more area of a shrub or bush Garden Shears are your best bet. The design of the tool will give you enough power to cut through most thin branches. Useful for shaping or touching up.

Hand Pruner– For intricate and precise trimmings of branches and small limbs a pair of hand pruners will make the work easy. Usually used with flower beds and small plants as it can maneuver around easily.

Loppers– For thicker branches, a Lopper will remove them cleanly as possible with less strain on your arms.

Power Equipment

Make yard work and tending to your garden easier with these powerful tools.

Blower– Used by professional and the regular homeowner alike to remove grass trimmings and fallen leaves. A staple of most garages and sheds as it makes compiling leaves into a pile more manageable.

Chipper– For the experienced person looking to maximize their garden or yard, a chipper is what’s next on the list. This machine re-purposes debris from branches, twigs, and leaves and transforms them into useful mulch.

Lawn Mower– A lawn care staple and is necessary to the start of any lawn job. This machine is used to remove the bulk of the grass from your yard and will do so in no time. You can get this machine in either gas powered or battery option.

String Trimmer– In tandem with the lawn mower, this machine gives your lawn a clean look. The string trimmers use is for the finishing touches on areas like the sidewalk, fences, and other areas close to buildings.


Various other items that help you get work done more comfortable and quickly.

Wheel Barrow– Used to carry plants, mulch, dirt, or whatever else you need for your garden. A simple tool but useful when you are transporting plants from the store into your garden or when you have to lay fresh grass on barren dirt.

Sprinkler– To get an even spread of water on your lawn or garden use a sprinkler. This tool usually stays stationary or moves in a controlled area spraying water. This is perfect for days when standing outside isn’t an option or when you have other chores to do while watering.

Garden Hose– A garden hose is standard to most homes but having an extra one around isn’t a bad idea. To maintain a healthy lawn or garden a hose is needed to supply water from your home quickly. Better then the alternative and having to grab a bucket.

Gloves– A small thing to some and the most important thing for others gloves are a split if you asked any garden enthusiast. Some love the feel of dirt between their fingers and nails. Others who prefer to keep their hands clean, can’t go a day without a pair or two on them. This one is a personal choice but whichever way you choose, you’re right.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to maintaining a lawn or garden, it’s a labor of love and hard work. These are some of the essential tools you’ll need to start or improve your greenery. Buy what you need to begin and slowly grow the tools you’ll need with your garden. Then before you know it you’ll have a lush green and fine looking yard or backyard.

Did you find this list useful? Did we miss something and want to let us know? Then leave a comment down below and tell us what we miss. If you liked this post and want more, then go to our blog for buying guides, DIY posts, and the latest tool news as they become available.

If you want anything you saw in this post, you can head to Acme Tools Online Store to pick out the best tools for you, your lawn, and your budget. At Acme Tools, you’ll find great deals online so that you can Do Your Best Work.


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