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How To Easily Create A Mortise

In mortise & tenon joinery, the tenon (or tongue) on one piece fits into the mortise (or hole) of another. Creating a mortise typically requires a mortising machine, a drill press outfitted with a mortising attachment, or a combination of a drill press and hand chisels.  Whew! But, hold on … here’s a nifty trick…

Ladder Safety On The Job And At Home

Ladders are familiar job site and around the house tools that provide access to difficult-to-reach locations. Choosing the right ladder for the job at hand and placing it properly prevents accidents and lets you work efficiently. Ladder safety is simple when you follow a few basic usage guidelines. Ladder safety begins with picking the right…

Prepare for the Storm

How to Prepare for a Summer Storm

Summer weather threats vary depending on where you live, but they all share one characteristic: they can happen anytime. Creating an emergency preparedness plan for your family helps keep everyone safe during a crisis and gets your household back to normal quickly after the storm passes. Learn the Risks and Prepare for all Situations The…

Red and Yellow golf balls that have been drilled to make a ladder golf game.

How to Make a Family-Friendly Ladder Golf Game

Ladder golf is a popular and friendly backyard game that’s a hoot to play. You just toss two balls held together by a rope and try to get them to stay on the ladder. (More detailed rules are at the end.) Once you have the materials, you can make your own game in less than an…

Trimming Laminate

How to Trim Laminate Countertops

The final step in completing a laminate countertop — trimming its edges flush — can prove a little nerve wracking. After all, you have a lot of time and money invested in your project and the last thing you want to do is ruin everything while trimming. Relax! These pointers ensure clean results every time….

DeWalt Unveils Cordless FLEXVOLT System

On June 21, 2016, DeWalt launched the FLEXVOLT System in spectacular fashion. Members from the media and other VIP guests were bused to a top-secret airport hangar outside Baltimore where DeWalt introduced the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when the user changes tools. What’s more, it was shown that this new technology is…

How To Make Perfect Decorative Edges With A Router

What’s the difference between a few edge-glued boards and an eye-grabbing tabletop? Usually it’s the decorative edge of the tabletop that sets it apart. Edges profiled with a router and any of hundreds of available bits transform common boards into beautiful, professional-looking, finished project parts. And they’re easy to make following these five simple guidelines….