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A pneumatic nailer is used to install 2 by 6 wood panelling

Add a Blast of Productivity with Pneumatic Nailers and Staplers

Pneumatic nailers and staplers, powered by pressure from a compressor, will kick your productivity up in the shop or at the job site. Fire a fastener in the blink of an eye, with minimal workpiece damage, while enjoying great control over placement and depth. Best Pneumatic Tool for You? Your project will determine the best…

A lawn mower is used to cut a grass lawn

How to Choose a Lawn Mower

Before you know it, spring and summer will soon be upon us. Whether you’re a homeowner or opening a lawn care business, cutting grass will soon be at least a weekly chore.  There is a vast variety of lawnmowers that it might be a little overwhelming.  For anyone who can’t make up their mind, we…

How To Install Windows And Doors

When it comes to the windows and doors of your home, they do more than just provide a gateway to the outside world. They improve the look of your home, provide light and air, and give you plenty of framed views from the inside out. However, through time and exposure to the elements, it’s not…

How to Install Shower Tile

Changing the appearance of your bathroom can be as simple as altering the tile in your shower. You don’t have to rely on a professional to do this job. Choosing the Right Tile Tools Choosing the right tile tools is an essential step in installing shower tile. While some of the tools you’ll use work…

Kitchen Cabinets

How To Install New Cabinets in Your Home Remodel

When you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, choosing cabinet designs that work with your current layout and installing them can help improve the room’s appearance and provide additional storage space. If you want to install your own cabinets, you can do so with the right tools, tips, and a little effort….

A miter saw sits dusty shortly after a cut.

How to Choose a Miter Saw

Miter saws are a type of bench and stationary machinery that improves the basic chop saw design and lets you make precise cuts at various angles. They’re ideal for creating angle joints or decorative pieces. The top-rated miter saw models provide easy repeatability to speed up your productivity. There are several factors to consider, and…

A worker uses a Bosch 65 foot laser measure on drywall.

Choosing A Laser Measuring Tool

Today’s types of measuring tools have come a long way since the humble tape measure. Laser measuring tools guarantee improved accuracy and are far more convenient for the DIY specialist and the seasoned professional. Features to Consider Before you purchase, please consider the various uses of your measuring tool. Are you simply looking to replace…

A worker uses an HVLP sprayer to apply a finish to a patio.

How To Get A Perfect Spray Finish

Spraying is a great way to produce a professional-looking finish. You could use a traditional spray gun fed air from a compressor, but be prepared to fill the air around you with overspray (finish that goes in the air instead of onto your project). There’s a better way. A high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) sprayer provides much…