Milwaukee Gen II M18 FUEL High Torque Impact Wrench Review

Get fast and secure results for your machine repair and other project with the Milwaukee® Gen II M18™ FUEL™ high torque impact wrench. This tool is powerful enough to replace pneumatic and corded models. The Milwaukee M18 cordless impact wrench is incredibly compact to fit into tight spaces.

What’s In the Box?

This unit comes in two standard models, one with 1/2-inch friction rings (2767-22 Kit, 2767-20 Bare Tool) and the other with 1/2-inch pin detents (2766-22 Kit, 2766-20 Bare Tool), so you can get the one that matches your preferred work style.

Stellar Performance

The four-mode DRIVE CONTROL™ settings allow you to customize the power of your Milwaukee M18 compact impact wrench for each task. The friction ring model delivers 1000 foot-pounds of fastening force and 1400 foot-pounds of torque for loosening. You get 750 foot-pounds fastening with the pin detent version and 1100 foot-pounds for removing nuts. They’re exceptionally fast at removing lag bolts and can even outperform pneumatic models.

Battery Life

These Milwaukee M18 cordless impact wrenches are part of the versatile M18 line, which means you can use the same batteries for these tools as you use for M18 lights, screwdrivers, and radios. They have onboard FUEL gauges that show you the remaining charge for monitoring your power level. Stock up on extra batteries and chargers to keep your crew running without interruption.

Extra Features We’re Fans Of

These smart Milwaukee compact impact wrenches feature nut removal mode, which automatically lowers the RPMs once you remove a fastener to prevent you from losing control. The rubber overmolds are durable enough to stand up to lots of use and prevent corrosion caused by rust or chemical exposure. The friction ring Milwaukee Gen II M18 FUEL high-torque impact wrench requires no tools to switch out bits, so you can move from one size of bolt to the next without stopping work.

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