Milwaukee Tools M12™ Compact Inflator

Fast, accurate, portable, and easy inflation! These are the best words to describe the new 2475-21XC and 2475-20 Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator. This small tool has a lot of power behind it and makes your work easier. For a lot of people, knowing how much you need to fill your tire is a scary thing. Are you filling it enough? Are you overfilling it? Will the tire blow-up or deflate if I stop now? These are common questions most people have for their tires. For trade pros, they might just have one. “How long will this take?”

The Milwaukee Inflator will not only do the job but will do it 5 times faster than other corded and cordless units. It can be used by trade pros to pressure test a plumbing system or the average person can use it to fill up car or light truck tires, filling up balls, and compact equipment tires.

What’s So Special About It?

M12™ Compact Inflator filling a skidsteer tire.

The Milwaukee M12™ Compact Inflator is superior to other tools on the market as this tool delivers in both speed and range. It can top off a standard car tire in under 1 minute, then go and fill a truck tire from 0 to full. It is the first cordless inflator capable of filling that kind of tire, with just one battery. From a simple fix to heavy duty jobs, this tool can handle it with ease.

Weighing just over 3lbs, you won’t have to worry about lugging it around. It can be held in one hand easily while offering the power you need to get your job done. But just because it’s light doesn’t mean this tool is delicate. It was designed and built with a reinforced cage to protect it from drops and impact, as well as inclement weather.

One problem you may experience with other inflators is the vibration. The thought of putting one on your workbench and turning it on is unheard of. It can’t help but jump and bounce around, it’s like having an earthquake centered on just the inflator. Milwaukee has designed theirs with an anti-vibration stand, this means no movement while filling. Which leads to a safer work environment.

The most impressive feature this tool has would be the REDLINK Intelligence™ with the TrueFill™ Auto Shut-Off technology. It easily delivers highly accurate pressure while automatically sensing the speed of fill, and protects from overfill and overtemp. The inflator will shut off at the desired PSI and comes with a back-lit LCD screen with digital gauges to check the target and current pressure reading. With these features, it makes the tool simple to use for the average buyer while also giving pros an accurate read on their task.

Other Cool Features

We’ve given you the basics so let’s give you all the bells and whistles to it. First off, it comes with 26” hose, a good length for most jobs. Then it comes with other attachments, including a ball inflations needle, inflatable nozzle, and a presta chuck. All of this can comfortably fit on the back of the compressor, so there’s no need for a clunky bag that you can lose. The hose itself has an all-brass chuck that creates an easy and reliable connection to tires, preventing leaks.

Final Thoughts

This compact inflator is going to be the best buy for the summer seasons coming. Whether it’s biking, camping, working, or going to a lake, if it needs air this will be the only tool you need. Having this in your car’s emergency kit would be handy. If you can’t make it to the pump at least you’ll already have one in your car waiting right next to your jack and spare tire.


M12™ Compact Inflator and Charger

M12™ Compact Inflator Kit (2475-21XC)

M12™ Compact Inflator Bare Tool (2475-20)

0.88 CFM at 0 PSI

0.63 CFM at 35 PSI

0-120 PSI Rating

Duty Cycle: 50%

Gauge Accuracy: +/-3%

Hose Length: 26”

Height: 7.5”

Width: 6.5”

Weight (w/battery): 5.21 lbs.



  • William Graham

    December 7, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    I purchased this and took it back. While I like the features , the power and the lower sound level, my problem was the way it attached to my tire valve stem. Screwing it on caused air to leak out which was no issue because the pump quickly filled my tire to the pre-set poundage. Put I had the same issues, in unscrewing it – loosing about 5 pounds of pressure.

    Ryobi has the same type of attachment as does a bicycle pump. I did email Milwaukee, but they did not respond to my email question.

    • Acme Tools

      December 9, 2018 at 7:09 pm

      Hi William, Thank you for your comment. We have not experienced losing 5psi but do agree with you that some air leaks out when removing the hose. We will also bring this up to Milwaukee but from our experience it gives you a more secure attachment to the tire stem when you screw it onto the threads instead of using a plastic lock. We would suggest over inflating the tire some and then let a little out while removing the hose and then checking the tire pressure with a gauge and making any final adjustments with the back of the pressure gauge.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools


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