Contractor wearing a red Milwaukee neck gaiter

Milwaukee Neck Gaiters: All Day Comfort & Protection

Milwaukee safety gear and apparel keep professionals and diy-ers safe and comfortable on the job. Milwaukee Neck Gaiters, the latest apparel addition, go above and beyond with multi-functional purposes. Whether you wear it on your head, face, or neck, you’ll get day-long protection.

The Latest from Milwaukee:

To provide users with face, head, and neck protection, Milwaukee Tool is expanding its workwear lineup with the addition of a Multifunctional Neck Gaiter.

Made from a moisture-wicking, breathable blend of lightweight polyester and spandex, the Gaiter is designed to keep users dry and comfortable all day with UPF 50+ sun protection and odor-resistant technology. The Gaiter can be worn as a face covering, headband, neck guard, or any other adaptable solution. The Neck Gaiter is washer and dryer safe and will be available in three colors – Gray, Hi-Vis, and Red.

The new Multifunctional Neck Gaiter will be available for purchase at select distributors September 2020.”

Neck Gaiter Lineup:

Gray – 423G

Gray Neck Gaiter

Hi-Vis – 423HV

High-Vis Neck Gaiter

Red – 423R

Red Neck Gaiter

Shop the new Milwaukee Neck Gaiters at Acme Tools.

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