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Milwaukee REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND M18 9.0Ah Battery

Keep Your Tools Running Until the Job’s Done with the HIGH DEMAND™ Battery Pack #48-11-1890. This advanced power system from Milwaukee can make up to 537 cuts on a single charge using a Milwaukee portable circular saw. The HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Ah battery is compatible with all past and future M18 designs.

M18 9.0Ah Battery Features

The Milwaukee 48-11-1890 M18 REDLITHIUM™ HIGH DEMAND 9.0Ah Battery Pack is a versatile option for any workshop. Whether you run a professional outfit and use heavy-duty equipment or you’re a DIY craftsman who prefers working with more compact equipment, this model can power over 100 different Milwaukee cordless tools. It boasts many advanced features that help it to provide enhanced performance over previous designs.

The HIGH DEMAND battery delivers 9.0 amp hours of power, which can keep a work light running for a full day, power a grinder for 20 minutes of continuous work or make over 96 cuts through 2×12 lumber using a Milwaukee M18 cordless Sawzall. It utilizes REDLINK™ Intelligence to monitor and adjust power flow for efficiency and safe discharge. The M18 battery has a latch cover that keeps more water out and weep holes to ensure that moisture channels out instead of reaching the inner workings. Advanced thermal engineering keeps the lithium-ion cells up to 60-percent cooler than other models, which allows you to discharge your full power into the tool rather than overheating.

The FUEL™ gauge shows you exactly how much charge you have remaining so you can measure your work. A rubber overmold protects the unit against drops and bumps. This battery weighs just 2.4 pounds, so you can use it for extended periods without developing strain.


When you pair it with an advanced high-speed M18 charger, you can completely power the 9.0Ah battery in a relatively short time. The Milwaukee HIGH DEMAND Starter Kit 48-59-1890 joins the battery and charger in one package. Make sure to grab two or three so you can alternate between the charger and the tool for minimal downtime. Add the M18 battery to your fleet today to enjoy professional-level power on every job.

M18 Battery Pairing

Milwaukee Battery,Milwaukee Cordless Tool, Milwaukee M18, Milwaukee M 18, High DemandM18 REDLITHIUM 9.0Ah Battery48-11-1890
48-59-1890_1M18 REDLITHIUM 9.0Ah Starter Kit48-59-1890
2734-20M18 FUEL HIGH DEMAND 10In Miter Saw (Bare Tool)2734-20
2734-20M18 FUEL HIGH DEMAND 10In Miter Saw2734-21HDP
2717-22hd_kitM18 FUEL HIGH DEMAND 1-9/16In SDS MAX Hammer Drill2717-22HD

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