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Milwaukee Shows Off New Fencing Stapler

Milwaukee is releasing a new M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler (2843-20), which is also available as a kit (2843-22). The kit includes two M18 REDLITHIUM High Output CP3.0 batteries, an M18 & M12 Multi-Voltage Charger, and a contractor bag. This fencing stapler offers excellent productivity, ease of use, and all-day runtime. Also check out the 9GA stapler in 1 1/2”, 1 3/4”, and the 2”, all sold with 960 staples per box (the Milwaukee 9GA stapler only accepts Milwaukee 9GA staples).


This new utility fencing stapler offers many dominant features. To start things off, this fencing stapler is 6 times faster than manual installation. It also has the power to sink staples into the hardest utility and fencing materials such as Penta and CCA-treated utility poles, PT pine, cedar, and creosote-treated fence posts and boards. It provides the easiest way to staple by eliminating repetitive swinging of the hammer as well as reducing peak muscle effort. This stapler has an all-day runtime of up to 600 staples per charge on a 3.0AH High Output CP Battery. Like other M18 products, the tool is compatible with all M18 batteries. For its trade-focused features, it has a longer, thinner handle and larger user touchpoints for use with leather/insulated gloves. It has a secondary mechanical trigger lockout switch. And lastly, a lanyard loop to keep the tool secure when working on elevated surfaces.

M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler

M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler

M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler Kit

M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler kit

Shop the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler now and other Milwaukee products at Acme Tools.

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