Milwaukee Introduces the new STUD Tape Measure, the new Wide Blade Tape Measure, and the new Compact Wide Blade Tape Measure

New Milwaukee STUD Tape Measures

Milwaukee recently announced the release of the redesigned STUD Tape Measures, the new Wide Blade Tape Measures, and the new Compact Tape Measures.

“In 2012, Milwaukee brought innovation to tape measures with key user-specific features…With each new tape measure, we’ve worked with users to understand their frustrations and maintained our focus on incorporating game-changing innovations. This year marks our biggest year yet—as we introduce a range of new tape measures with leading feature sets, enhanced durability, and best-in-class standout.”

Caitlyn Kelleher, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool


The new design of the Milwaukee STUD Tape Measures allows for a more compact, comfortable, and ergonomic fit for the user. An optimized spring controls the blade retraction speed, minimizing whip. The STUD comes with a Finger Stop to control blade retraction and 2-sided blade printing for increased readability. The tape comes with a fully reinforced frame that can survive an 80 foot drop*.

EXO360 Technology

Protecting the blade from rips and tears; the tape comes equipped with EXO360 Blade Technology. The technology creates a high-density nylon coating that wraps 360 degrees around the blade, assuring a blade that is abrasion-resistant and can endure continuous use. With cutting edge technology, the tape has the longest-lasting blade on the market.


16’ STUD™ Tape Measure 48-22-9716
25’ STUD™ Tape Measure  48-22-9725
25’ STUD™ Magnetic Tape Measure48-22-9725M
35’ STUD™ Tape Measure48-22-9735


At 14 ft., the new Wide Blade Tape Measures have the longest, straightest, standout+ to provide an extended reach for efficiency on the job site. The extremely valuable straight standout allows users to measure long distances on their own. The tapes feature an anti-tear blade coating that reinforces the first 6 inches of the blade. Other features include a 5-point reinforced frame for drop protection, a Finger Stop for controlled blade retraction, and a 2-sided blade printing for increased readability.

Wide Blade

16’ Wide Blade Tape Measure 48-22-0216
16’ Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure48-22-0216M
25’ Wide Blade Tape Measure48-22-0225
25’ Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure  48-22-0225M
30’ Wide Blade Tape Measure48-22-0230
35’ Wide Blade Tape Measure48-22-0235
40’ Wide Blade Tape Measure 48-22-0240


The new Compact Wide Blade Tape Measures are at the forefront of the industry because of their compact size. They deliver up to 12 ft. of standout+ and feature a 5-point reinforced impact resistant frame. The blade has 2-sided printing for increased readability.

Compact Wide Blade

16’ Compact Wide Blade Tape Measure 48-22-0416
16’ Compact Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure48-22-0316
25’ Compact Wide Blade Tape Measure  48-22-0425
25’ Compact Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure48-22-0325
30’ Compact Wide Blade Tape Measure48-22-0430
35’ Compact Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure48-22-0335


Product:New STUDWide BladeCompact Wide Blade
Standout:14′ 14′12′
User:Concrete, Framing, etc. (heavy use)Commercial MEP, FramersResidential MEP
User Need:DurabilityStandoutSize

*Functional after 80′ drop on packed soil

+Based on maximum performance


Experience the new-to-world design with the new STUD™ Tapes. Milwaukee proves their unrelenting commitment to continually improving solutions and developing new technology to help users push the boundaries and take their work to the next level.

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