Picking PACKOUT Pieces before Putting them in your Cart?

When it comes to shopping online, getting everything you need the first time can be difficult. When it comes to picking out pieces for a Milwaukee PACKOUT System, it’s even harder. Starting with the base is easy and stacking the next component in one’s head on top is clear to see. But after adding more that’s where it can get tricky. A job may need multiple low organizers and a tote in one set up but then realize that job site needs a cooler as well. Getting the right amount of Packout Toolboxes and organizers is essential, but how much is too much? Then how much is too little? This situation is where Acme Tools Packout System Builder comes in to help.

How Does this Work?

Acme Tools has added a simple interactive method for anyone to build their ideal Packout system without physically going to the store. From the comfort of the car, home, or jobsite, create the solution needed for the work. By going to Acme Tools online store and following the links to the Milwaukee builder feature, or clicking here to head straight to the building page, get the custom system need in no time.

From there start with the base of the Packout, which would be the Packout Rolling Tool Box, Large Tool Box, Tool Box, Tool Case, Organizer, or the Low Profile Organizer. Once that’s selected build on top of that by picking from a various amount of items.

Which Items are Available?

Complete access to all Packout modular items available on Acme Tools website. From the Compact Low-Profile Organize, the Packout Backpack, and many more.

When Would I Use This?

Use this when on the fence about adding a new Packout item to a system. Unsure how it would look? See how it would stack up before purchasing. Who knows perhaps those multiple compact low-profile organizers could be replaceable with a regular organizer?

Buying a completely new Packout system and want everything in one go? The interactive builder gets everything in one place then head to check out with one simple click.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to a site or a job, each one is different so why shouldn’t the toolbox be the same? With the Acme Tools Milwaukee Packout System Builder, personalize it to fit the needs and wants of the site. From a phone, tablet, or computer, build a dream system and pick out the wanted pieces. Afterward, hit checkout and get everything in one stop. At Acme Tools, we want to ensure you can Do Your Best Work, and that also means giving you the best way to see what you need before you buy.

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