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Buying Guide

gas chainsaw ripping through a log

Finding the Best Chainsaw

When cutting down trees, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tool than a chainsaw. Tried and true over decades of use, they are unbeatable for limbing, pruning, and felling. While the concept of a chainsaw remains the same, today’s modern chainsaws have advanced significantly from the saw your grandfather might have used. They…

How To Choose A Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Instead of wearing multiple layers that restrict movement, we have you covered with Milwaukee heated jackets and vests, perfect for dealing with the winter cold. Heated jackets reduce the need for excessive layering and frequent indoor breaks for warmth, suitable for both work and leisure outdoors. Milwaukee Tool’s heated jackets and other clothing options come…

Guide to make the best choice on purchasing a generator

The Ultimate Generator Buying Guide

How To Choose the Best Generator Do you need a power generator, but don’t have any idea where to start? Look no further. We here at Acme Tools have assembled the ultimate generator buying guide for you. Types of Generators Portable A standard portable generator uses a combustion engine to create alternating current, or AC….

Top 5 Miter Saw Tips

Miter saws are a universal tool that can be used for framing on job sites, all the way to making intricate cuts on a small DIY project. Here are 5 Miter Saw Tips to give you the best results from your cuts.   #1 Use a Good Blade – Tooth Count Generally, the higher the…

Push Mower Buying Guide

 How to Choose a Walk-Behind Mower Now that spring is upon us, grass is growing faster every day. Whether you’re a homeowner or opening your own lawn care business, cutting grass will soon be at least a weekly chore.  There is a very wide variety of lawn mowers that it might be a little…

How to Choose the Best MK Tile Saw

Working with tile is not easy. The material can be strong, heavy, but brittle, so it requires a certain tool for the job. You need something that won’t crack, shatter, or damage the tile. For more decorative designs, something accurate is what you’ll need as well. The Tile Saw is the perfect instrument for the…