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A tent and chairs sit near a fire at a campsite.

Essential Packing Items for the Lake

Getting all your essential items together for a lake home can feel like an uphill battle that you’ll never win. You have enough trouble outfitting your everyday home, but now you have to ensure your lake house has the basics such as towels, clothes, furniture, etc. The issue lies with the uncommon items you may…

A boat drives across a lake.

Essentials for Your Boat

Whether you intend to cruise through rivers, lakes, or canals, failing to have the right tools can ruin your adventure before it gets started. You will enjoy a memorable boat trip once you know what you need for the ride. If you’re planning a boat trip but still haven’t decided what to carry, we’ve provided…

A thermometer roasts under a hot sun.

Keeping Cool in Summer Heat

It’s about to get hot, and in some places, really hot. It would be nice if you could shelter inside all summer. That’s not possible because one, you have things to do, such as work, errands, kids’ sports, and so on; second, that’s just not any fun. Life doesn’t need to be that way, though….

Lawn chairs sitting on a beach next to a cooler while a dog relaxes under an umbrella.

Outdoor Living Buying Guide

The temperatures have warmed up, and it’s time to start focusing on your outdoor living gear. Whether you’re packing for a camping trip, hiking, outfitting your patio, or just looking for a new hydration option selecting a new outdoor item can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of varieties from several different brands of grills, coolers,…

Which cooler do I need?

Picking the Best Cooler

Whether you’re going camping, hanging out with friends, fishing, or whatever other endless reasons for needing a cooler, you need to know the best cooler to purchase. The easy answer to that conundrum is that it depends. There are several types of coolers, all with their own functionality, and there are many different sizes with…

A couple walks on the beach carrying a cooler

The 20 Best Coolers of 2021

In this day and age, choosing the best cooler may seem daunting. Do I need one with wheels? How big does it need to be? Are soft coolers better than hard ones? All of these questions depend on your specific needs, and lucky for you, there are enough coolers under the sun that finding the…