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A front yard with beautiful landscaping, such as bushes, flowers, plants, and mulch surrounded by plastic edging.

12 Affordable Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is the difference maker that can take a home from good to great. The key is finding cheap landscaping ideas to create that leap forward outside your home. Simple improvements, such as a planter, to larger improvements, like a paved walkway, each add value and livability to your space. Landscaping ideas on a budget…

Home owner using Makita cordless lawn mower from the landscaping equipment collection.

Makita’s New Line of Cordless Landscaping Equipment

Makita launched a new line of products to address a demand for cordless landscaping equipment by professionals. Their LXT products eliminate the hassle of gas, with zero emissions, lower noise and reduced maintenance. The line includes a new Brushless Lawn Mower, Brush Cutter, String Trimmer, and Connector Series, including a Brushless String Trimmer. Lawn Mower…

The latest additions to the DEWALT 20V MAX Outdoor Power Tool System

3 Additions to the DEWALT 20V Outdoor Tools Collection

With a snow-covered ground and low temperatures, yard work is the last thing on our mind. However, winter is the time to prepare for the upcoming yard work season. DEWALT 20V Outdoor Tools Collection is equipping users with three new innovative additions for the spring season. 20V MAX Brushless Handheld Blower With an axial fan…

Push Mower Buying Guide

 How to Choose a Walk-Behind Mower Now that spring is upon us, grass is growing faster every day. Whether you’re a homeowner or opening your own lawn care business, cutting grass will soon be at least a weekly chore.  There is a very wide variety of lawn mowers that it might be a little…