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A Metabo HPT Cordless Trim Router is used to route the edge of a piece of wood.

Metabo HPT Unveils New Cordless Trim Router

Metabo HPT added another tool to their expanding MultiVolt System. The new 18V Compact Cordless Brushless Trim Router (M1808DAQ4) provides another level of freedom while working on projects in the shop. The router delivers high-level power under load and increases ergonomics while working one-handed, creating a corded experience while staying cordless for added flexibility anywhere….

How to Use Your New Router

You’ve just upped your game! Having this tool often separates a woodworker from the casual DIYer. Now, you can be putting wonderful edge profiles on all your work. And, that’s just the start! A router will enable you to also complete an array of woodworking feats from joinery to duplicating parts. Read on to learn…

New DeWalt Cordless Router, Sander, & Jigsaw

DeWalt Announces New Brushless Woodworking Tools We just got word that DeWalt has officially announced some new brushless woodworking tools, and they look great if we do say so ourselves. The first three coming out are a router, random orbit sander, and a D-handle jigsaw. If that doesn’t get you excited, we think we can…

How to Cut a Dovetail Joint

The dovetail joint is quite possibly the strongest way to join two pieces of wood at a right angle. We often use dovetail joints while making cabinets, drawers, and other furniture. They’re one of the most attractive joining methods and one of the more complex. Today we’re going to describe how to cut a dovetail…

Single Sheet Of Plywood Rocking Chair

Are you looking for a new project that won’t break the bank, not involve a whole workshop full of tools, and that you can enjoy all year long?  How about a simple rocking chair made from 1 piece of plywood.  Mr. Fix It, Aaron Massey, lends his talents to this unique build. Step #1: Materials…

Trimming Laminate

How to Trim Laminate Countertops

The final step in completing a laminate countertop — trimming its edges flush — can be nerve-wracking. After all, you have a lot of time and money invested in your project, and the last thing you want to do is ruin everything while trimming. Relax! These pointers ensure clean results every time. Use a router…


How To Choose A Router

For a long time, routers have been helping woodworkers cut, trim and shape wood, plastic and several other materials. If you’re currently in the market for routers, there are tons of options that range from basic to advanced. Whether it’s your first, you’re looking to upgrade your existing equipment, or you need a new version…