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Table Saw

New Milwaukee M18 Table Saw 2736-21HD

As work gets more demanding, Milwaukee listens, and they have unveiled a completely new, unheard-of tool: the M18 cordless table saw. The first saw of its kind, this invention lets you make all the cuts you need with the power of an 18-volt battery. No more are you tethered to the cord to make cuts…

Hitachi C10RJ 10In Jobsite Table Saw Review

Bring it With You Hitachi® C10RJ 10-inch jobsite table saw is a shop on the go. Its 15-Amp motor spins at a rate of 4,500 rpm to make the Hitachi jobsite table saw powerful enough to work on hardwoods. The Hitachi portable jobsite table saw lets you take the shop with you right to your project. Its…

Choosing the Best Table Saw

With so many choices in table saws, buying one can be a daunting task. Let’s break this decision down into 4 steps to make the process a whole lot easier. Step #1: Consider Where and How It Will Be Used? Before shopping for a table saw, take a moment to ponder two important things: 1)…

DeWalt FLEXVOLT DCS7485T1 Table Saw Review

This DeWalt portable table saw uses powerful FLEXVOLT battery technology to bring versatile cutting power to almost any job site. Cutting sheet materials, such as OSB and plywood, and ripping stock are familiar tasks to any DIY enthusiast or construction professional, and the DeWalt 60V MAX* 8-1/4-inch Table Saw Kit handles these jobs almost anywhere….

Single Sheet Of Plywood Rocking Chair

Are you looking for a new project that won’t break the bank, not involve a whole workshop full of tools, and that you can enjoy all year long?  How about a simple rocking chair made from 1 piece of plywood.  Mr. Fix It, Aaron Massey, lends his talents to this unique build. Step #1: Materials…

Table Saw

10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Table Saw

Near the center of most wood shops you’ll find a table saw, and for good reason. This essential machine performs many tasks such as ripping boards to width or sawing on-the-money miters, bevels, and joints. With the right jigs a table saw can help you cut tapers, raise door panels, or even carve out wide…

Difference between Miter Saws and Table Saws

Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

The difference between a miter saw vs table saw can be a bit confusing. Miter saws and table saws both perform fundamental tasks and achieve common types of cuts, resulting in daily usage for craftsman. If you want to know how to choose table saws and miter saws for your shop, this guide shows exactly…