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The Best Rakes of 2021

Two kids rake leaves during a fall day.

Fall usually means one thing as a homeowner-leaves. They’re an inevitable part of the year and everyone dreads that moment the first leaf falls, but it doesn’t have to be as unbearable as you think. The key is a good rake. A quality rake can make removing leaves from your lawn a breeze, and limit the amount of stress you put on your back and arms. There are rakes for other projects beyond just leaves, so finding the correct rake will take some knowledge. We have you covered if you aren’t a rake expert. Our guide will help pick the proper rake for your project and give you a better idea of the one that works best for you.

Types of Rakes

When picking a rake for your home projects, it’s always important to know which type of rake you will need, along with the certain specs of those rakes to efficiently get the job done. Throughout this post, you will see four different types of rakes and how they manage to do different tasks better than others. The four categories are landscape, garden, leaf, and roof rakes.

Best Landscape Rakes

When picking the right landscape rake for your outdoor projects, it’s always good to find the correct fit for what you’re working on. Landscaping rakes are designed to dig into the dirt, level the ground, spread mulch, and get any underlying debris. 

Structron Landscape Rake 24’

The Structron landscape rake is designed with rounded teeth to provide a raking action that is great for grading. It is also equipped with double rib construction and wraparound bracing that optimizes stability and long-lasting performance.

Handle Length66 in.
Weight4.3 lbs
Handle MaterialFiber Glass
Gripping MaterialCushion Grip

Razorback 36 in. Aluminum Landscape Rake

This Razorback landscape rake is built with a wide head to level quickly and smoothly. Despite its size, this rake is meant for heavy-duty that’s perfect for contractor, professional, and homeowner use.

Handle Length66 in.
Weight4.52 lbs
Handle MaterialAluminum
Gripping MaterialA comfortable grip that offers cushioning and slip resistance

Best Garden Rakes

The next category is garden rakes. Garden rakes are typically used for moving heavier soil. These rakes usually are equipped with metal tines so that they may move soil with ease. Garden rakes are great for moving around and loosening up the soil and creating planting rows.

Fiskars Pro Garden Rake

This garden rake is equipped with extruding aluminum handles, a double-bolted extended shank, an ergonomic teardrop-shaped shaft, and welded connections for strength and durability.

Handle Length60 in.
Weight2.22 lbs
Handle MaterialAluminum
Gripping MaterialSoft grip with multiple grip positions for comfort and control

TRG INC Groundskeeper II Gardener Rake

The TRG INC gardener rake is great for making your life easier. It’s a lightweight rake but also strong enough for the toughest projects. The sturdy angled tines are great for grading, mulching, and more.

Handle Length55 in.
Weight1.03 lbs
Handle MaterialFiberglass
Gripping Material6 in. single layer grip

H2: Best Leaf Rakes

Leaf rakes are perfect for tidying up your yard. These rakes make gathering leaves and other debris much easier as they have flexible flat teeth bent into an L-shape that makes it easy to adapt to its terrain and get the job done. 

Ames 30’’ Head Poly 30 Tine Leaf Rake with 48’’ Wood Handle

This rake was built to be lightweight and durable. It’s ideally designed for cleaning debris and fall leaf cleanup. With its very wide head, this rake is good for raking large quantities of waste in your yard.

Handle Length48 in.
Weight2.5 lbs
Handle MaterialWood
Gripping MaterialCushioned grip for comfort and control

Fiskars Pro Leaf Rake

The Fiskars Pro Leaf Rake is perfect for cleaning up your yard with minimal effort. Equipped with an extruded aluminum handle and double-bolted connections, it’s up to the task with its outstanding durability.

Handle Length65 in.
Weight2.5 lbs
Handle MaterialAluminum
Gripping MaterialComfort grip with multiple grip positions

Razor-Back Tine Steel Head Leaf Rake

The Razor-Back Leaf Rake is meant for heavy-duty work on your lawn. With a well-balanced feel and lightweight, this rake will make the tasks easier and less stressful than ever. With a steel head that is bolted to the handle, it maintains a secure connection for the most difficult of debris.

Handle Length54 in.
Weight2.71 lbs
Handle MaterialWood
Gripping MaterialNo extra grip

Best Roof Rakes 

Roof rakes are the best way to clear snow, leaves, or any other debris that’s stuck on your roof. Either equipped with extra extension handles or collapsible handles that can extend to help your reach.

Avalanche Roof Rake

This roof rake is excellent for getting the job done quickly. This rake features a 24” rake head that also had wheels that will protect your roof from any damage when using the rake. It also comes with five 46” handles that you can attach on as well for further reach.

Handle LengthUp to 20 ft.
Weight7 lbs
Handle MaterialAluminum
Gripping MaterialComfort grip

True Temper Snow Roof Rake

The True Temper Snow Roof Rake is an extremely innovative roof rake. It is equipped with a telescoping handle that can extend up to 17 feet. With the non-slip handle, you will have better grip and control when trying to clean your roof of snow and any other debris. Once you’re done with the job, the rake easily collapses and is compact for storage.

Handle LengthUp to 17 ft.
Weight5 lbs
Handle MaterialAluminum
Gripping MaterialNon-slip handle and end grip for control

Seymour Roof Rake Snow Tool

The last rake on this list is the Seymour Roof Rake Snow Tool. This rake is great for snow removal designed with “push-pull” bracing. It also is equipped with a 3-piece telescoping handle to improve your reach.

Handle Length16 ft.
Weight5 lbs
Handle MaterialAluminum
Gripping MaterialCushion Grip

Fall Clean Up Tools

Rakes aren’t the only tool in your arsenal when tackling fall cleaning. Don’t forget about the myriad of other fall clean up tools at your disposal, such as leaf blowers, spreaders, sprayers, pruners, chainsaws, or aerators. There is still plenty to do before winter rolls around, such as fertilizing, removing fallen branches or trees, trimming bushes, removing weeds, and more. Check out our list of 10 essential fall clean up tools to arm yourself with many pieces of equipment you’ll need for the fall season.

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