Sewer Skewer inside of a roof vent

The Sewer Vent Defroster: Sewer Skewer

Located in Pelican Rapids, MN, Sewer Skewer is no stranger to the cold or the rotten egg smell coming from the basement. The winter-exclusive smell comes from an ice build up in the sewer vents. After searching and failing to find a solution to the problem, Sewer Skewer developed a product to eliminate the issue.


A Sewer Skewer is the permanent solution to your frozen vent problems. While temperatures drop, frost and ice build-up on your sewer vent pipe. This build-up can cause a dangerous methane gas in your home. The skewer can not only prevent dangerous gas, but also unpleasant odor, and even potential illness.

Simply insert the copper pipe in your vent pipe and let it do its job. While it sits in the vent, the Sewer Skewer conducts heat from the sun and the warm sewer gas coming out of the vent. The heat combination keeps the top of the copper pipe clear of both snow and ice. Also, the Sewer Skewer fits any size vent.


Sewer Vent Defroster

Sewer Skewer Vent Defroster
Conducts heat from the sun and escaping gas to melt ice and snow
Made of copper
Fits any size pipe
Measures 16 x 9.5 In

Sewer Vent Defroster XL

Sewer Skewer Vent Defroster XL
No tools needed for add on extensions
47″ long with extensions
Fits any size vent
Comes with 2 x 15″ screw on extension pipes

Sewer Skewer XL

Sewer Skewer XL
Ideal for septic systems
Keeps sewer vents clear all winter long
Leave it in all year round
Also works on furnace and radon vents

17″ Sewer Skewer Extension

Sewer Skewer Extension
Ideal for septic systems
Keeps sewer vents clear all winter long
Leave it in all year round
Also works on furnace and radon vents


Works just like it says!

I have had issues with my vent pipe freezing every winter. I saw this product and was skeptical and hopeful at the same time. I purchased one, threw it in the pipe, and have not had an issue since, and it has been up there for almost 3 years!
– Rahn F

Sewer skewer

It’s been a very cold winter, our sewer pipe froze, my husband was going on our roof to thaw it. We thought we would try this! Works great!!!
– Bren

Solved my problem

I bought one of these in the retail store to solve my problem of a frozen septic pipe on my roof. I use to have to climb on my roof multiple times in the winter to clear the frozen pipe from causing sewer gas back up. Since I’ve installed this I haven’t had to go back on the roof anymore.
– Paul

Sewer Skewer saved our lives.

We are having a really cold winter so far and we were having a big problem with our vent. We are elderly so going on top of the roof every few hours to pour hot water down our vent was not an option. It does exactly what it says it does. We live in northern Minnesota.
– Mmleblanc

Final Thoughts

Prevent dangerous mid-winter trips to the top of your roof with the Sewer Skewer. The easy-to-use copper tool is perfect for both your home or business. Shop Sewer Skewer at an Acme Tools near you or visit our online store.

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