Dremel Versa Power Cleaner Tackles Stubborn Messes

Dremel Versa in action

Tackle stubborn soap scum, baked on food, grease, dirt, bug splatter, rust, and more with the new Dremel Versa. The high-speed scrubber is faster than manual cleaning, meaning you’ll use less effort while cleaning more. With a compact design, the lightweight cleaner is ideal for single-hand use and the hard to reach areas. Get the cleanest results with the most versatile cleaning system.



The Dremel Versa is safe for indoor use and outdoor use. Use the power scrubber in your kitchen, bathroom, bar, grill, boat, car, garage, patio, and any other dirty area!


Handle everyday messes and daily cleaning with the power scrubber.


Keep the cleaning tool at arms reach with the compact design.


With the fastest rotation in the market, the Versa is 8x faster than other competitors.


Four different accessories accompany the cleaner to remove a wide range of scum, stains, grease, mold, and mildew.

Clean your shower grout with the Dremel Versa.
Dremel Versa cleaning shoes
Dremel tool removing grease from a pan


The Dremel Versa features four cleaning pads: eraser pad, non-scratch pad, bristle brush, and a heavy-duty pad. The specialized cleaning system is safe to use both wet and dry and indoors or outdoors. Also, the power scrubber is equipped with a USB fast-charging lithium-ion battery to power all cleaning jobs.


Dremel Versa Kit at Acme Tools
Warranty:2 Year

-Dremel Power Cleaner Tool
-Heavy-Duty Pad
-Eraser Pad
-Non-Scratch Pad
-Bristle Brush
-Backing Pad
-Splash Guard

Final Thoughts

The Dremel Versa provides an efficient way to clean while producing fast results. With accessories made to tackle multiple surfaces and a portable, compact design, the cleaning possibilities are endless.

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