A worker applies a bandage from the Milwaukee PACKOUT 76-Piece First Aid Kit.

2 New Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kits

Milwaukee has added another tool to its PACKOUT system by releasing two new PACKOUT First Aid Kits. The 204-piece Class B Type III Kit and the Class A Type II Kit come loaded with first aid essentials to remedy the most common injuries on the job site. Each kit is certified to the ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Standard, the minimum requirement for workplace first-aid kits.

Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kit Features

A worker transports th

The first aid kits feature the PACKOUT system’s signature impact-resistant body that protects from drops and bumps on the job site while always keeping the contents safe. Their no-travel bin seals prevent shifting during transport for additional security of the contents. So you don’t have to worry about items being out of place when you need them. Each kit’s transparent lid makes it easy to locate contents quickly when a fast reaction is required. 

IP65-rate weather seals protect bandages, adhesives, antibiotics, and other essential medical supplies from rain or debris on the job site. Therefore, your materials will always be dry and safe during an emergency. Heavy-duty latches and reinforced hinges keep contents contained and protected, creating additional security. The kits include a wall hanger onboard so they can easily be hung in places that are visible and accessible at all times. Retroreflective first aid stickers on the kits make them easy to identify.

Milwaukee First Aid Kit Total Contents

Milwaukee PACKOUT
76-Pc First Aid Kit

Milwaukee PACKOUT
76-Pc First Aid Kit

Milwaukee PACKOUT
204-Pc First Aid Kit

Milwaukee PACKOUT 204-Pc First Aid Kit

Adding the first aid kits to the Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System brings the total to over 35 pieces that can be used to build custom storage solutions. Acme Tools sells more pieces of the PACKOUT system, along with many other Milwaukee tools.

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