5 Best Tools You Need in Dorm Rooms

You’re in your dorm and hear something creaking underneath your bed. You get out and hear a pop; then you notice that your bed is shaky now. Something must have come undone or broke underneath, but you don’t know what. You go to your desk to google how to fix it, as you rest your arms on your table you notice it’s wobbly too.

Fixing this stuff could be easy as 1, 2, 3. Maybe a loose nut or screw, possibly broken peg, but you don’t have any tools. You should always have some equipment around to help you fix small problems. But you’re in a dorm and space is limited. Here are 5 tools that you can get that won’t break your bank and have multiple uses beyond your dorm.

1: Rubber Mallet

There are times when you’re setting up your futon, new furniture, and need to push something into a stuck slot. A rubber mallet is the best way to go when dealing with furniture of any material. This tool will not leave marks, unlike its metal headed counterpart. Perfect for furniture you aren’t willing to damage or isn’t yours.

2: Multi-Tool

A tool to fit any occasion. A multi-tool can come in a pinch for small repairs in your room or other activities like camping. This gadget is perfect for a dorm as this offers a multitude of tools while not taking up a lot of space. You can store it in your pocket, your bag, or leave it in your drawer. But make sure you keep tabs on it because when you need it, you’ll be glad you have one.

3: Duct Tape

The saving grace of many projects and the thing that has held together headlights to spaceships. Duct tape has a variety of uses in different situations to allow for temporary fixes. (Or permanent if you stick on enough.) You need this to patch up any holes that come up or to hold a project together. Use it to hold up posters, picture frames, or decorations on your wall if you’re not allowed to use nails.

4: Tape Measure

Doesn’t seem necessary to have a tape measure around. That is until you are out shopping for a new desk and realize something. You don’t know how much space you have for your desk. You remember how long approximately it is, seven steps from heel to toe, but how long is that? Then you end up buying one that is either too small for all the work you need or too big and it won’t fit comfortably in your room. If you had a tape measure, you would have gotten an accurate measurement the first time. Saving you the anxiety of purchasing the wrong one and the time it took to try and figure it out.

5: Flashlight

From traveling out late at night to looking under your bed for lost papers. A flashlight will keep you safe and prepared for unexpected situations. Keep a flashlight in your bag, so you can have a safe way to find your car after a late night of studying. Use it to find that prompt sheet that fell behind your cabinet and need to fish it out.

Final Notes

These five tools won’t make college magically easy for you or make you incredibly organized. But it will make the little day to day things easier to handle. The last thing you need to worry about during the beginning of school, during mid-terms, and finals week, is your furniture not fitting. College is rough. You need all your time to write those papers, do those labs, finish that group project, and still have time to eat, sleep, and socialize.

These tools will come in handy in more than one way during your college career and far after. It’s never to early to get ready for life after school you might as well get something that will make today a breeze. Did you find this blog post useful? Let us know in the comment section below and keep up with our blog for the latest tool news and ideas. You can find all these tools on our website at acmetools.com and always Do Your Best Work.

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