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Garage Storage Made Easy with DEWALT

Is your garage starting to look cluttered? Do you have trouble finding tools or materials? It might be time to consider organizing your workspace.

Having a clean workplace not only makes for quicker, more efficient work but also helps keep the area safe. Tools and materials on the floor are hard to find and can increase the risk of falls or other injuries. There are many ways to get tidied up and get your garage ready for your next project. DEWALT offers a wide variety of storage options, such as shelves, rolling toolboxes, workbenches, and storage organizers, to help you find a place for all of your equipment.

Where To Start

The first step to decluttering your garage is to see what’s in it. The easiest way to sort through your things is to section out your garage and move everything out. Sectioning off the space can help the task feel less daunting. This is a crucial step to help you know what you have and give you a better idea of the space you have to work with.

While going through your items, decide what you want to keep and what you’re okay parting ways with. If you feel yourself going back and forth on whether to keep an item, determine when you last used it and if it’s something you’ll see yourself needing for future projects. If the answer is no, trash, donate, or sell it.

Once your garage is cleared out, it’s the perfect opportunity to deep clean. Start from the top down. Wipe down any cabinets or counter space with a warm, damp rag. Then, sweep the floor to remove dust kicked up by moving items around. The Harper Wet/Dry Outdoor Push Broom with a 24-inch head and extra-long, stiff bristles is great for covering more surface in less time. Harper’s high-quality shop brooms are equipped with a steel brace and bolt-on connector, so a loose handle will never slow you down.

Lastly, mop or hose off the floor. Pick up the Flexon 50-foot Water Hose to make this process as painless as possible. With its kink-resistant, flexible Rubber/Vinyl design, the all-purpose hose will have your garage floor clean and ready for you to get back to work in no time. The 5/8-inch diameter and 250 PSI burst strength make this the perfect hose for professional or home use. Allow your garage to dry completely before bringing anything back in.

Now that you have sorted your inventory and decided what you’d like to keep, you can determine what kind of storage you need and how you’ll want to implement them. If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas for you to get started.

Rolling Toolboxes

Large toolboxes can be a pain to carry around and often make it hard to organize. Rolling toolboxes are the perfect way to move your tools quickly and efficiently while getting the most out of your garage space. DEWALT offers multiple rolling toolboxes with various storage options.

One of the many options is the DEWALT 52-inch, 9-drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet. This cabinet has eight 200lb load capacity drawers and one 300lb load capacity drawer to keep all your tools, big or small, in one place. This toolbox is also equipped with a heavy-duty locking system to ensure your tools are safeguarded anytime. Use the combined power and USB options for charging power tools, batteries, and electronics. This toolbox allows optimal storage and is essential for tidying up your workspace.

If you have a smaller space or are looking for something more compact and portable, DEWALT’s ToughSystem Storage System is what you need. This storage system allows you to stack multiple ToughSystem toolboxes for easy transport. These toolboxes are generously larger than regular toolboxes without taking up extra space. Two-piece metal front latches to ensure your tools aren’t going anywhere when storing and transporting. The 250-pound load capacity means you don’t have to worry about leaving behind any of your favorites.

Storage Organizers

Use storage organizers for small hardware that commonly ends up in the bottom of your toolbox. They help keep your smaller pieces contained in drawers, cabinets, or inside your toolbox. Storage organizers typically have multiple sections that allow you to keep your smaller pieces size specific to find them when needed.

DEWALT’s ToughSystem Shallow Tool Tray is perfect for keeping your nuts, bolts, and screws off the floor and in one place, while the ToughSystem Deep Tool Tray is great for storing hand and power tools. These trays fit any ToughSystem toolbox allowing for more storage and less clutter. Trays can be stacked to create customizable storage.

If you’re looking for a storage container that can stand alone or be connected to other ToughSystem products, check out the ToughSystem 2.0 Full Size Organizer. With two double removable cups, eight single removable cups, and a built-in compartment, it’s perfect for keeping your tools and attachments in one place and more accessible when you need them.


Workbenches offer a dedicated workspace in your garage and can double as storage. If you need extra space, find a workbench furnished with drawers and cabinets to help keep the floor of your garage clean. Keep all your most used items and equipment in one place and never have to guess where you left them.

The DEWALT Work Station Kit 2-Shelf Industrial Storage Rack is the ultimate storage and workstation for keeping your workspace clutter-free. This 2-tier steel workbench can also be used as a storage rack and garage shelving. The pegboard panel includes six tool holders for your go-to tools to be in one place for easy access. The three-in-one workbench/storage rack/shelving unit holds an impressive 3000 pounds on two wire grid shelves and has an under-shelf storage drawer for maximum use of space.

The DEWALT Folding Workbench is just what you’re looking for in smaller garages or limited workspaces. Setup and takedown take only three seconds, and the compact folding design is excellent for keeping your garage orderly. The large surface and 1000lb load capacity make this the perfect portable workbench.

Shelving and Wall Storage

Take advantage of the vertical space in your garage by adding shelving units and wall-mounted storage. Vertically storing items keeps them off the floor and out of the way. Keeping oversized or seasonal items that aren’t frequently used on shelves ensures you get the most out of your space.

The DEWALT 6-foot wire grid industrial storage shelf is perfect for professional and home use. This heavy-duty shelf is engineered with dense wire grids, preventing items from falling through. Take advantage of the massive five-ton capacity, evenly distributed at 2500 lbs per shelf, to easily store even your largest tool. Add the Cord Minder Bracket Set to your shelf for additional storage options and store up to 100ft of cable.

The DEWALT ToughSystem Workshop racking system is another simple way to keep your area uncluttered. This rack is compatible with any ToughSystem organizer and is customizable to your needs. With the ability to hold up to 440 pounds, the ToughSystem racking system is sure to help keep you organized, and your workspace appears less cluttered.

Final Thoughts

DEWALT has many storage options and devices to keep your work area neat. An organized garage makes finding what you’re looking for easier, allows faster cleanup, and increases productivity. Using toolboxes keeps your tools in one place for easier access. Workbenches with storage allow projects to flow smoothly by creating easy access to everything you need. Shelving is essential for keeping large, rarely used items out of the way.
DEWALT’s high-quality, well-designed storage options will have your garage looking and feeling like a professional workshop. Combine DEWALT storage products to fit your specific space and needs. Transform your workspace from a place you store your garbage into somewhere you look forward to spending your time.

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