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You Just Bought Your First Circular Saw. Now What?

You now own one of the most essential tools for the carpenter, craftsman and weekend warrior. The circular saw will allow you to easily make straight, clean, precise cuts through a variety of materials. If you’ve been using a hand saw for this operation in the past, you are in for a real treat! While the circular saw is easy…

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You Just Bought Your First Drill Press. Now What?

Sure, a hand-operated drill is very efficient at making holes. But now, with your new drill press, you have really stepped up your game! Your drilling will be more precise, and due to the drill presses larger motor, you’re able to use larger bits to make bigger holes. The following tips will help you get the most from your new…

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You Just Bought Your First Miter Saw…Now What?

You’re now the owner of one of the most innovative power tools around…the compound miter saw. This amazing tool can easily and accurately cut two angled surfaces at the same time (a compound angle). This means a miter can be cut across the face of the board, and at the same time, a bevel can be cut on the end….

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You Just Bought Your First Table Saw…Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve decided on purchasing your first Table Saw and it just arrived at your home. What comes next? You’re probably all geared up to start cutting some wood. But, hold your horses! Here are few quick and simple things you’ll want to address first, that will make life a whole lot easier down the road. Set up in a…

A boat drives across a lake.

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Essentials for Your Boat

Whether you intend to cruise through rivers, lakes, or canals, failing to have the right tools can ruin your adventure before it gets started. You will enjoy a memorable boat trip once you know what you need for the boat ride. If you’re planning a boat trip but still haven’t decided what to carry, we’ve got you covered with a…

A backyard on a nice sunny day

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How to Clean Your Yard in Spring

As winter comes to an end, it’s time for the beautiful colors of spring. Unfortunately, winter can leave its mark, leading to the clean-up and repair of the mess left on your lawn. Cleaning your yard will help it look better and more colorful, and make it healthier for the rest of spring and summer. We’ll cover how to clean…

Different types of insulation sit on top of blueprints

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How to Insulate Your Entire Garage

The garage is just a space for many to park their cars and store tools. They don’t view it as an area with so much potential. A garage can be a workspace, somewhere to host guests, or a place to just hang out it and watch a game. Your garage should feel like an extension of your home. The main…

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How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

With winter knocking on our door, fall is a perfect time to prepare your yard. Fall lawn care is extremely important for making your yard look healthy and colorful for next spring. There are many important steps in making sure your yard is ready to endure the cold winter. Following these steps will also gift you with plenty of benefits…

Sprinkler system waters lawn

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How to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

We’re almost at the time of year again where we have to make sure our home is prepared for winter. Being ready for the season will vastly help you get your home prepared for spring once the snow melts away. A huge part is having a healthy, colorful green lawn. Winterizing your sprinklers will help prevent water from freezing inside…

Oil is poured into a vehicle with a funnel.

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How to Change Your Car’s Oil

Not everyone is skilled enough to do their own vehicle repairs, but specific routine maintenance like an oil change is generally super easy for anyone. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a mechanic to change your car’s oil. You can do it yourself even if you know very little about cars. You just have to acquire the right tools and…